Here are some testimonials from students and graduates that we have supported on their start-up journey. 

'My business is doing great! I have new galleries selling my work and a recent exhibition that was hugely successful, I sold incredibly well and it also led to a commission and a new stockist of my work. I have also been approached to sell my work at upcoming events and am preparing for some big Christmas markets in Bristol. I have now also been able to set up a new web site www.clojoruthdesign.co.uk that gives my business a professional frontage.

The flash fund has been a great kick start to my progress as my new marketing materials are professional and eye catching so I'm happy to display them at events and pass them on to people as well as my new stickers for packaging which gives my products a lovely finishing touch. The flash fund was the boost I needed to push my products even further and expand my little business.'

Clojo Bedingham, founder of Clojo Ruth Design, was awarded £200 in our investment competition Flash Fund in November 2014. 

'I am hugely grateful to your unit for giving me the confidence to take the plunge.  Self-employment has given me more than I hoped for:  I have exceeded my earnings at my previous job, have a more interesting mix of work, I have complete control over my diary (and destiny) and I am able to decide for myself how I can best support my clients.'

​​​Nick Bell, owner of Nick Bell Risk Consultancy. Nick received one-to-one support from the Centre to start his business. 

'My meetings with the Centre for Entrepreneurship really helped me to map out and understand a pathway for my business.'

Josh Barnett, Sports Coaching graduate and founder of Treatment Clothing. ​(Josh was won of the Countdown to Launch winners in 2014 and has also taken part in the Christmas Market and received one to one support from the Centre.) 

Countdown to Launch 

'I have really enjoyed Countdown to Launch. It has provided knowledge and understanding of running a business. I was also able to network with a number of different professionals and peers. The money, office space and professional support I have been awarded is going to play an integral part in me growing my business. I am really looking forward to the future.'

Megan Bearpark,​ Complementary Healthcare graduate  and Countdown to Launch winner in 2015

'What a brilliant week. Thank you so much to the Centre for Entrepreneurship team for running such an innovative and inspiring course. It wasn't my time to be an award winner, but I got so much excellent expert advice and insight out of it that will help me move my business forward so I certainly feel that I've still won.'

Helen Gunter, Cardiff Met Complementary Healthcare Student​ and Countdown to Launch participant in 2014. 

'It was really great to see so much enthusiasm and drive for new business ventures- a truly inspiring experience. I would like to thank the team for this outstanding event, which I felt was completely relevant for me.' ​
Julian Wreford, Cardiff Met Software Engineering Student and Countdown to Launch winner in 2014. ​

'Countdown to Launch is definitely one of the top few things I have done at University, that I am really happy and proud I got involved in.​' 
Kirsten Mark, Product Design students and Countdown to Launch participant in 2014. 

'The Countdown to Launch program works as a fantastic platform to launch your start-up. So often our enthusiasm is coupled with naivety, as there are so many aspects to starting a business, which we simply don't appreciate. The program addresses this by introducing you to the core components of building a successful business. The funds made available are key, however, the expertise and guidance is so valuable. I would say to anyone considering a start-up, the journey may at times seem like madness, however it is truly a privilege. There aren't many entrepreneurs who have access to opportunities like Countdown to Launch, so take them!' 

​Charles Anderson, Business & Management graduate and Countdown to Launch winner in 2013. 

​Ignite 2015

'Ignite challenged me to show the very best of what I've got and this inspired me in ways I never thought possible. It throws you into the vortex of a demanding and time-bound project, opportunities, thrill and anticipation and great people who become your friends for life... The experience of Ignite is beyond incredible!'

​​Denny Encheva, Business Information Systems Student

Cardiff Christmas Market 2014

'The whole experience has been fantastic and it has given me a real insight into what it's like running a small business. It has been great to have so many people admiring and complimenting my work and it has definitely given me the confidence needed to sell to the public again in the future.'

​Nia Hassett-Rees, Business & Management Student

Concept 2014

'I think this event was a brilliant idea and the workshops really helped with my self-development. I really appreciated that graduates were still able to be involved in activities like this and I found it really valuable working on a real live brief. The event helped to take me out of my comfort zone and it was very valuable.' 

Malgorzata Jurajda, Cardiff Met Architectural Design graduate 

​Ignite 201​4

'Ignite dramatically increased my confidence; improved my ability to work successfully as part of a team; and encouraged me to learn, use and develop many skills that are crucial for starting up and running a business. I will remember the experience for a long time!'​

Amy Blades, Cardiff Met Psychology Student​​