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5 reasons why it is never too early to start up

​​Stuart is the founder of www.lovethesales.com​ 

If there's one thing I have truly come to understand in the time since I founded www.lovethesales.com, it's that, no matter what your journey, you are going to have a lot to learn.

When I started out I had a strong background – over a decade of high level marketing experience. Obviously this was useful, but marketing is only one tiny facet of what I had to understand to make my business a success. I had to learn how to raise money, how to pitch and create a fund raising deck. What those things even were. I had to learn business development, accounting, company secretarial duties. And the rest.

As a result of this, I have realised that you could never be too young to start a business. In fact, the younger you are the better.

I have always wanted to start my own business, but didn't until I was well into my 30s. Why not? There were a million reasons. I needed more experience. I needed to learn more about business. I needed to get money behind me. It was scary. I didn't have time.

Now, although that was bad news for me, if you are young, you should consider these things benefits. And let me tell you why.

I needed more experience…

Ever heard the phrase 'thrown in at the deep end'? Many say it's the fastest way to learn, and I agree. As I said at the beginning, I've come to understand that there's a lot to learn when starting a business, and learning takes time. So, my top reason for starting a business early in life is that it gives you more and more time to learn in a hands on way. Sure, you'll make some mistakes, but that's what learning is all about. Just don't make them twice.

I needed to learn more about business…

This goes hand in hand with the point above. Starting a business is the fastest way to learn more about business. You simply have to learn it. There will be many things you need to do, so you'll have to find out how to do them. You'll have to interact with other professionals so you'll learn from them. You'll research and read.

And a bonus tip here: experienced people often enjoy mentoring young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. So, hit up your connections for someone who has already been through a career in business and ask them to mentor you.

I needed money behind me…

When I started www.lovethesales.com I already had a house, kids, a car and many other things. Growing older often comes with spending more. Life's necessities seem to stack up. As a young entrepreneur you guys are in a much stronger place. Most of you won't own property or have kids, you probably don't have a car and there's a lot of great ways for you to save money. You've probably already had a solid education on how to get by on less whilst at U​ni!

It was scary…

Much like life's necessities increasing as you grow older, so does fear. Life and experience teaches you lessons, for better or worse, that often equate to a reason to avoid something. As a young, rock star entrepreneur you should embrace that opportunity. You'll do things in business that would make an old timer like me tremble with fear and trepidation. And it will pay off.

I didn't have time…

And finally, time. There's never enough hours in the day. I've got people to see, things to do and bills to pay. I've got to do packed lunches, get the kids to school and the car to the garage. Feed the dogs. Damn, it's already lunch time!

You guessed it, unlike me you guys are blessed without a million and one things to do. Plus, you can stay up all night without even thinking about it. So, whilst you can, burn every spare minute on your business idea. You'll get so much more done in your day than me. And you'll get your business successful in double quick time.

Stuart is the Founder of www.lovethesales.com, a website that pulls together every product on sale from across the web, for you to shop them all in one place. Previously to that, he has a background in digital marketing with multi-million pound companies such as TM Lewin and The Caravan Club. 
Blog post written in September 2016.