Change and positive change

​Megan pitching at Countdown to Launch 2015

As a Countdown to Launch winner and newly graduated individual changes have been huge, I am now officially in the big wide world of work! I have been working hard at developing a business idea and concept, which can be seen at As an entrepreneur with minor experiences in the business world the assistance I have sought including the Countdown to Launch competition has allowed me to learn the methods used to market and sell the Work Zone Therapies idea.

The Work Zone Therapies website has now gone live, meaning Work Zone Therapies is now in a position to market and sell. After arranging a meeting with Matt Philips, Director at Red Tree who introduced me to Paul Jones IT Solutions Manager at Red Tree, both kindly provided me with important and sound business advice. This has led me to getting into contact with Gavin Baos who runs the BNI Business Networking breakfast sessions weekly which I am attending at the end of September. I am now in the process of perfecting my 60 second pitch for this. This will be a massive change and development for Work Zone Therapies and I am very excited to see what will be achieved by this.

Also I have met with Lewis Evans of City Life magazine, we have discussed and agreed for my story to be published in the magazine in the winter and a further 3 publications throughout the year. I am hopeful that these changes and development to the business will assist in the growth and will allow the company to perfect its methods and services to perfection, once it has provided its services to a number of varied working environments.

The changes that I am going through with the business, which also impact on my private life are positive and I feel if any entrepreneur is not having a positive experience then something needs to change. Yes we all want to be successful and make something of ourselves, however you have to enjoy yourself along the way which is one rule I intend to follow. Good luck to everyone in their own path.