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Motivation Tips for Entrepreneurs

​Jason at his adventure park Jaco Ropes 

January can be an exciting and tough month. For all too many of us we wake up on the first day of the New Year feeling worn out and guilty from the festive over-indulgences (trust me I know the feeling!), only to realise that you have a whole new year ahead of you with new goals, new problems, not to mention those New Year's resolutions.  January 1st can either be the most motivating day of the year or the least, depending on how you look at it.  I like to start the New Year off with a positive outlook on what is to come over the next 365 days.

So many people get extremely motivated in January and then the willingness fades away by February. You know the ones, the ones that fill up the gym on January 3rd but seem to pull a miraculous Houdini act 30 days after.  January is an easy month for motivation because everyone around you has new goals and new resolutions that they are "committed" to but what happens when their motivation sizzles out and your gym partner drops the ball, what are you going to do?  You have to stay motivated! That's what you have to do, your success doesn't lie in someone else's hands.  Here are some motivational tips that have helped me keep the motivation pumping throughout the year all the way to Christmas on my journey as an entrepreneur.

1. Get a motivation partner

Whether it is in the gym or in the office, find someone that you can work with to help each other stay accountable for your actions, good or bad. Hopefully this person has what it takes to stay by your side all the way to next year.  This can be your significant other or your best pal but the trick is to pick someone that is just as motivated as you are or more with a positive attitude on what is to come over not only the next year but the rest of your lives. 

2. Avoid negative people

This may sound harsh, but you don't need people who are going to bring you down.  We all have that friend that has nothing better to do than complain about everything or put you down.  This is no time to be hanging out with them on a regular basis, too much work to get done. Instead, surround yourself with positive people who help you to stay motivated.

3. Hang out with people that you aspire to

Spend as much time as you can with people that you aspire to and notice the impact that they have on you. Take notes and find out how they became so damn good at whatever it is that you admire. Maybe one day you can hope to be as good as them, hopefully even better but this should be no competition. Always be happy for everything good that comes to your friends' lives.  Part of being successful is being delighted for other people that already have "it".

4. Fail more

That's right I said it, fail more!  If failing doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will. We all hate failing but this is an essential building block to success whether we like it or not.  Don't let the failures ruin you, everyone fails - the smart ones learn from their mistakes and become successful, the weak go home face down to their mommy to cry and are immobilized by the very thought of trying again.  It sure sucks to have that feeling of failure but remember that feeling, get back up on your feet full steam ahead and try again using that knowhow of what it feels like to fail to keep you from doing it again but most importantly learn from your mistakes.

5. Eat healthily, exercise and work hard! You know the saying, "you are what you eat" I say it because this is absolutely true.  If you eat junk you will feel rubbish and you won't be mentally strong.  It is a well-documented fact that eating the proper vitamins and minerals not only makes you healthier but helps your brain to function more effectively and you are more likely to be active.  I have felt this first had after moving to Costa Rica and living on an organic farm, I notice I am much sharper and have a lot more energy from all the organic fruit, veggies, herbs and good times.  Exercise is also a key facture in staying motivated in life, the movement will get your endorphins going that I promise you will lead to a better life in all aspects.


Blog post by Cardiff Met graduate Jason Mueller, founder of Costa Rica Vacation Rentals and Jaco Ropes
January 2017