Why South Wales is a great place to start a business.

If you are looking to start a business when you graduate, then staying in Cardiff, or close by is an excellent choice and here is why:

  • Great start-up scene

In the last couple of years there have been some real leaps forwards in the infrastructure and networks available in Cardiff for start-up businesses. Below are some of the business entities and networking events active in Cardiff. 

  • Access to low-cost office and co-working space

As well as our own incubation space, which is free for up to 12 months for Cardiff Met students and graduates there are some great places to work from in and around the city. No longer do you need to commit to a lease on an office, or be a hermit working from your bedroom. Join the hundreds of other successful businesses who are working from shared offices or co-working spaces.


With three locations in Cardiff, and other locations all over Wales Indycube is probably the largest network of co-working spaces in Wales. You can either pay as you go, or sign up for full time or part time space, Wi-Fi, Coffee and Tea included.

Welsh ICE

OK, so it's not in Cardiff, but Caerphilly is a beautiful place to work and is a short drive, or 19 minutes on the train from Cardiff Central. Welsh ICE provides more than just co-working space, they also host a number of programmes, training events and networking which will help you to really grow and develop your business.

Tramshed Tech

One of the newer co-working spaces in Cardiff, Tramshed is rapidly becoming a hub of entrepreneurship in Cardiff. Many start-up business focussed events are held here and they have some great gigs as well. (It's a combined venue with gig space as well as working space). Prices are a little more than Indycube, but can you really put a price on being able to go straight from work to a great event?

Rabble Studio

Located in Cardiff Bay, this co-working space is aimed specifically at the creative industries. Think artists, designers, film makers rather than tech nerds or accountants. A great addition to Cardiff's flexible workspaces.

  • Cheaper places to live

Compared to somewhere like Bristol, staying in Cardiff could save you £££'s, and when you are starting a business every penny counts. For example the cost of renting a 1 bed flat, or house share is around 30-40% cheaper in Cardiff. It's not just your house which is cheaper - beer, eating out and even going to the cinema are all cheaper as well.

  • All the benefits of being in a cosmopolitan Capital City

We don't need to tell you about this, you live here already so you know what a wonderful place Cardiff is to make your home!

Blog post by Steve Aicheler, Entrepreneurship Officer
January 2017