Kris Harris

​​Kristian (right) receiving his award from Mark Hooper (founder of Indycube) at Countdown to Launch 2013

Kristian is Business Management student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. During his time at university Kristian has engaged in numerous events run by the Centre for Student Entrepreneurship. His interest in entrepreneurship stems from his experience of running his own tutoring business alongside his studies.

In June 2013 Kristian attended Countdown to Launch – a five day business start-up week, organised by the Centre for Student Entrepreneurship and sponsored by Santander Universities. This event was aimed at equipping students with the skills needed to kick-start their business. On the final day of this event, Kristian and the other students were given the opportunity to pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs and business advisers.

Kristian was chosen as one of the businesses to be supported by the Centre for Student Entrepreneurship. As a result Kristian has received financial support to help develop his business as well as ongoing mentoring from the Centre for Student Entrepreneurship.

Kristian is now working part time for the Centre for Student Entrepreneurship as a Student Entrepreneurship Ambassador along with running his business and studying for the second year of his degree.

The uTutor Company

Kris' business, The uTutor Company, provides a home tuition service to school learners aged 5 to 18 in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

The uTutor Company works by specialising in recruiting University students, teachers, assistants and graduates as home tutors offering a coaching and mentoring approach to the home tuition market.

The business focuses on providing school learners with tutors that are young, enthusiastic and have a real passion for the subject that they read or have read at university. The business works by presenting tutors online so that parents can view tutor profiles, register for an account and then book a lesson online.

  1. ​How did you first become involved with the Centre for Student Entrepreneurship?

I first became involved at Ignite, which was a 4 day course aimed at developing students entrepreneurial skills. I was setting up my business at the time so it was the ideal time for me to get involved.

2. What was your motivation for getting involved and did the experience meet your expectations?

The motivation was team work, I wanted to engage with other people and also learn new skills. It definitely met my expectations and more – it was an intense 4 days! It was also good to work with a mix of people – not just people interested in enterprise but people from different backgrounds and with different interests.  

3. Out of the events you have attended, which one has been your favourite and why?

Countdown to Launch was definitely my favourite because I was around like-minded people. Also, it was good to see other people's ideas develop and to help others. It allowed me to focus on the important aspects of my business and to gain constructive criticism to improve the business. It was also a good opportunity to practice my pitching skills and improve on them. It was really good and definitely beneficial.

4. Do you think the experience you have gained through engaging with the Centre for Student Entrepreneurship has benefitted you?

Definitely, I would have felt quite alone if I was setting up my business without this support. The one-to-one sessions with Lee [Business Start-Up Manager] has kept me focussed and I've learned so much over the past year. Having this department at the University has allowed me to see how much I've learned and that I've changed for the better. I am now working for the Centre for Student Entrepreneurship and helping to develop LaunchPad, the student society for entrepreneurship. I'm really enjoy it and throwing myself into it. I don't want to spend my three years here not doing anything – it's really good to get involved.

5. What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to get my business as efficient as possible and to still provide a quality driven service. I set up the business to give me the practical experience to compliment the theoretical/academic knowledge that I'm learning at University.

While I'm at University I need to focus on my studies so I'm not looking to expand at the moment but after University I'll be looking to take the business to other cities that are University-focussed such as Bristol and make it a much bigger business.

There was so much work at the start to get it up and running and I needed the patience to stick with it. Now it's at the point where I can take a step back and focus on my studies but also enjoy myself and enjoy being young!