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​Accrediting Work Based Learning and Short Courses

The Centre for Work Based Learning is building a national reputation for supporting and accrediting learning solutions for organisations which have prioritized staff development, as a leading element of organizational development.

Accreditation is increasingly important to employers and employees, as it endorses in-house training, and the academic credit can be put towards further personal development opportunities, like gaining a university diploma, which ultimately might lead towards an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Range of Service

Companies are increasingly seeking out our accreditation services. We currently provide the following –

  • On-going advice linked to company in-house training;
  • Specific guidance on face to face and blended learning solutions;
  • Full support for any formal work based learning accreditation proposal, including a formal presentation to the Cardiff Metropolitan University Credit Committee;
  • On-going quality assurance monitoring and advice for existing short course training;
  • Expert advice on additional staff development programmes.

Guidance and Accreditation Process

This three phase process of guidance, accreditation and feedback and establishment of monitoring and support normally takes between 6 – 8 weeks.

Helping you with your Accreditation Proposal

The process begins with a detailed discussion about the specific element of training and, where appropriate, how it fits in with your organization's overall staff development objectives.

You will be allocated an experienced work based learning advisor, who will provide guidance on the preparation of your submission.

Following on from the initial advice, our WBL advisor will help you construct a formal proposal to the Cardiff Metropolitan Universities Credit Committee for their consideration. This will involve our advisors presenting your formal proposal and supporting it through this process.

On-going Partnership 

Once approved, we work closely with you to ensure that your accredited learning experience is a resounding success for all concerned. This will include us helping you maintain the standard of your training programme via a supportive monitoring and review process.


We provide a Cardiff Metropolitan University Certificate of credit, at the appropriate level, for every successful participant. These credits could be used to allow access onto a higher education course.

Current Clients

Current clients include Acorn Learning Ltd, Wales Ambulance Service Trust, Vocational Skills Partnership (Wales) Ltd, Cynnal Cymru and Stratum Learning.

Current Costs

The following information outlines our indicative costs for our WBL accreditation services, these are assessed on an individual basis, please get in contact for a quote –

  • Initial Guidance - £250 -£300
  • Accreditation - £250 per single short course of 10 or 20 credit value
  • Accreditation - £750 for a cluster of up to 4 short courses
  • Accreditation - £1,250 for a co-ordinated short course programme
  • Support, Monitoring and Review – negotiable dependant upon the volume of accreditation.

To find out more

Contact the Centre for Work Based Learning (CWBL) 
Email: Phone: 029 2020 5510​