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BA Education Studies (Joint Honours)

Education Studies - BA (Joint Honours)


Key Facts

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Cardiff School of Education

Course Length:
Three years full-time

100% Student Satisfaction

Course Overview

T​​he study of Education Studies at Cardiff Met forms part of the ​BA Humanities and Education Joint Honours programme within the Cardiff School of Education.​​

Education Studies offers key academic preparation for graduates who wish to work in a wide range of settings related to education. It is concerned with understanding learning and education in England, Wales and beyond, from inside the classroom, the boardroom and the home, amongst others.

The course team comes from a range of professional and research backgrounds and will provide an exploration of psychological, sociological, historical and contemporary issues within education. Students will discover what it means to be a learner; how education is supposed to meet the needs of individuals; how lifelong learning can impact and benefit communities and the challenges to education of overcoming poverty to improve life chances.

The subject offers a comprehensive overview ​of all aspects of teaching, learning and education – it doesn't just focus on primary and secondary classrooms. This means that our students leave us with a rounded and critical perspective of the education system – as well as key skills that employers value – meaning greater potential for career and training opportunities.

​Most of the modules on the Education Studies programme are available through the medium of Welsh. Please see the course content section below for a list of the modules you can study through the medium of Welsh. You can also watch our recent video featuring some of out students who study through the medium of Welsh.​

Course information on this page relates to 2018 entry.​​

Course Content

In addition to the specialist Education Studies modules* all students also undertake core modules. These are designed to help you develop academic and research skills required fo​r successful study within higher education, and to help you both to explore future options for employment and to develop employability skills.

We are delighted to be able to deliver Education Studies modules through the medium of Welsh. This is a great opportunity for both first and second language Welsh medium students to continue to develop their written and spoken Welsh in a supportive environment.

The modules are:

​​Year One:​

​Education Studies Modules:

Education Past, Present and Future / Addysg ddoe, heddiw, yfory (20 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh

An examination of key educational issues across a range of themes including teaching and learning, curriculum, access to education and the impact of technology. The module will cover the changing historical relationships between formal and informal learning contexts and related contemporary issues.

Psychology of Education / Seicoleg Addysg (20 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh

This module explores different perspectives on education, including psychological and philosophical, and considers their relative strengths and weaknesses when applied to educational contexts. Students will develop knowledge and critical understanding of the application of psychological theories and philosophical approaches within education.

Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion (10 credits)

This module considers historical developments in the fields of inclusion, disability and special educational needs and will examine theories and concepts in these areas. It will cover topics such as models of disability, inclusive educational practice, educational psychology services, legislation and policy and the role of practitioners and parents in supporting learners with additional educational needs.

What our students say: 
'Year one gave me a great start – I developed not only my skills but also learned loads of new practices and theories that I can use in my future career!'

Core Modules:

Skills for Success in Higher Education / Sgiliau ar gyfer llwyddiant mewn Addysg Uwch (10 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh

This module will help you develop an awareness of the essential skills required for successful academic engagement, including the skills of writing for different audiences, presenting, referencing and accessing/using online resources. You will be encouraged to develop critical self-reflection skills which will enable you to set targets for further academic development.

Developing Work-Based Skills / Datblygu sgiliau yn seiliedig ar waith​ (10 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh

Using lectures, e-lectures and workshops you will be introduced to the knowledge and skills required for graduate level employment, including self-employment and entrepreneurship. You will evaluate your own skills and related career intentions and investigate opportunities and challenges with respect to employability.

Year Two:

Education Studies Modules:

All things being equal: Education and Equality / Pob peth yn gyfartal: Addysg a Chydraddoldeb​ (20 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh

This module provides students with a critical understanding of contemporary evidence, research and practice. Students will examine key theories and concepts surrounding education and equality (e.g. additional learning needs, gender issues and ethnicity) and relate these to relevant examples to understand and assess just how fair our education system is.

Supporting Learning / Cefnogi dysgwyr (20 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh​

This module considers the practical issues involved in supporting students with additional learning needs. You will consider a range of intervention strategies, (for example, to support individuals with specific learning difficulties), including the use of assistive technologies, and the challenges of implementing these strategies in educational settings.

From Cradle to Grave: Lifelong Learning / O'r Crud i'r Bedd: Dysgu Gydol Oes​ (10 credits)​​ - available through the medium of Welsh

Students will be offered a detailed understanding of lifelong learning and the widening participation agenda in education. This module seeks to provide students with the ability to apply knowledge and synthesise ideas with respect to a variety of examples and settings relevant to lifelong learning and widening participation.

What our students say: 
'The skills I learned in year two allowed me to develop and refine my academic skills, with some really exciting modules – including hot topics like widening participation and the poverty gap.'

Core Modules:

Work-related Placement: Managing Yourself and Others / Profiad gwaith: rheoli eich hun ac eraill (10 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh

Linked to a week-long placement in a work setting, this module aims to develop key employability skills. You will develop key communication skills appropriate to employment in relevant professional contexts. The placement takes place in a setting of your choice where possible, you will also have the opportunity to extend your placement by mutual agreement with providers.

An Introduction to Academic Research / Cyflwyniad i Ddulliau ymchwil​ (10 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh

This module aims to provide you with an understanding of key concepts relating to academic research and the research process so that you will have the requisite knowledge to enable you to conduct the extended independent project in your final year. In addition to generic content relevant to all students, you will receive support tailored towards your chosen subject.​

Year Three:

Education Studies Modules:

Global and Comparative Education (10 credits)

This module offers an insight into education systems, theories and concepts across the world. You will explore different philosophies and cultures within international education systems, settings and teaching environments.

Future of Education (20 credits)

This module offers an exploration of political, economic, social and technological issues within education – using current policy, legislation and practice within the education sector to explore the future of education in the 21stCentury.

Learning and Teaching through ICT (10 credits)

This module aims to develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of the use of various ICT in pedagogy and practice in a range of post-compulsory education contexts. Students will explore a range of concepts including virtual learning environments and mobile technologies as well as developing an understanding of international perspectives on technological application in education.

What our students say: 
'Year 3 really builds on everything else we had done before – and really focuses on employability skills – focusing on applying our knowledge to professional situations.'

Core Modules:

Independent Project / Prosiect Annibynnol (Traethawd Hir)​ (40 credits) - available through the medium of Welsh

You will complete an independent research or enquiry-based project of a practical or theoretical nature. This will enable you to demonstrate independence in your approach to research and enhance your project planning experience. You will receive guidance and support from a supervisor.

Learnin​g & Teaching

We use a range of teaching approaches, best suited to meeting your needs and those of employers. Delivery includes workshops, seminars, research seminars, lectures, virtual learning environments, away days, field trips and visits. We use ICT throughout all modules within the Education Studies course. We place a huge emphasis on the collaborative and social aspects of learning. You will be assessed through a range of methods including group work, presentations and critical analysis of educational research.​


A wide range of innovative, exciting and challenging assessment methods are used. These include coursework, seminar presentations, research trails, blogs, patchwork texts amongst others. These assessments are designed to ensure that our students are reaching their potential and can demonstrate their capabilities in a range of ways. They are designed to reflect the range of professional environments that our students seek to work within​​.

Employability & Careers

We pride ourselves o​n our record with employment and further opportunities for our students.

Education Studies offers key academ​ic preparation for graduates who wish to work in a wide range of settings related to education including teaching, nursery management, educational welfare and community work. Our graduates also undertake postgraduate training including Master’s and PhD study at Cardiff Met. This degree helps develop a range of skills applicable to a wide range of settings and careers. Because of this, students are not restricted by the subject studied and many graduates will develop successful careers in a range of areas including Human Resource Management and Marketing.

Progression to PGCE Teacher Training:

We are pleased to guarantee entry to the interview process for the PGCE Primary Course at Cardiff Met for all graduates of this programme. An Honours degree minimum classification of a 2:2 is currently required, and the statutory entry requirements (including B grades or equivalent at GCSE for English and Maths, C grade for Science) must also be met.

Entry Requirements & How to Apply

For further information on entry requirements and how to apply for the joint honours programme, please refer to the Joint Honours Course Overview.

Contact Us

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For course specific enquiries, please contact, Kieran Hodgkin:
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