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PGCE Secondary – Design & Technology

The following information has been put together to highlight the main features of the PGCE Secondary: Design & Technology programme and to answer some of the frequently asked questions we have from students looking to apply.

For more detailed information about the PGCE Secondary: Design & Technology programme at Cardiff Met, please refer to the UCAS Teacher Training website.


Main features of the programme:

  • Design and Technology is the newest and most rapidly developing of subjects to be taught in schools, fostering the creative ability of children and developing their practical skills.
  • The subjects areas of the course includes: Construction in Wood, Metal and Plastics, Graphical Communication, Electronics, Information Technology, Food and Textiles Technology.
  • Within the subject area of Design and Technology, students experience the great majority of the university-based studies within the chosen specialist area of:

a) Resistant Materials and Systems or

b) Food and Textiles

  • The course is designed to further creative awareness of Design and Technology as well as to provide a uniquely effective basis for career aspirations.  In line with the latest developments within the subject area, it places a particular emphasis on design and the practical application of the latest technologies.  A special attempt is made on the course to consolidate practical skills and subject knowledge, through the use of Design-and-make activities during the college-based sessions.
  • The course is divided into 3 phases (or terms):

1. Primary and Early Secondary - Autumn Term

- Closely structured teaching, throughout the term, with tutors and teachers discovering the experience of creative and practical learning in Design and Technology Education in the formative years.

- For 4 weeks, you will be hosted as a Designer-in-Residence within a primary school.

- First teaching experience within a secondary school environment, with support from school-based mentor and through regular contact with college tutor.

- Complementary courses cover the term in Design, Graphics, Computer Aided Design, Information Technology, Product Evaluation, Health and Safety and within specialisms of Resistant Materials and Systems or Food and Textiles.  In Resistant Material and Systems students develop their skills and insight through constructional projects using Wood, Metal, Plastic and Electronics and in Food and Textiles students develop their skills and insight in Food Preparation, Nutrition, Constructional techniques and Special Finishing Processes with Textiles.

2. Secondary Practice - Spring Term

- Further experience of Design and Technology teaching, including the beginning of the second teaching experience at secondary level.

- Developing confidence, skills, command and flair

- Learning of academic and organisational structures and the requirements of National Curriculum in the school setting

- Focus upon children with Special Needs and the use of differentiated teaching strategies and resources.

- Experience of simulated interviews to gain experience prior to actual interviews for teaching posts.

- Within the specialism, students will consolidate skill and insight through researching and applying materials and processes, designing, constructing and evaluating ideas in extended project work.

3. Secondary Practice - Summer Term

- Continuation of teaching practice in the next secondary school to consolidate and extend the range of essential competences.

- Focus upon the broader issues which influence curriculum design and practice, such as the environment, the profile of the local community, links with business and industry, visits to centres of educational interest.

Why study PGCE Secondary: Design & Technology at Cardiff Met?

  • We are situated on an attractive campus at Cyncoed with high quality resources for Education students.
  • Option to submit assignments, undertake teaching placements and IPD groups through the medium of Welsh.
  • Financial incentives to train (training grants are available) and also to train through the medium of Welsh (training grant and Gloywi Iaith sessions).
  • We have placement schools throughout South Wales, so you do not have to move to the Cardiff area to study/ undertake your school placement.
  • Excellent and well-established partnerships with English and Welsh medium placement schools. 
  • Sharing of good practice and resources.

  • University sessions allow students to "regroup" and take time out from school regularly to discuss progress, challenges and successes in a supportive environment – you are not thrown in at the deep end and forced to sink or swim!

    For further information about the programme and any specific enquiries relating to entry requirements, assessments and interview process, please refer to the main PGCE Secondary course overview and the UCAS Teacher Training website. Alternatively please contact:
    Jason Davies
    PGCE Secondary Design & Technology Programme Leader
    029 2041 6556