Dylan Adams


​Position:Lecturer in Educational Studies (Literacy)
​School:​Cardiff School of Education
Telephone:​029 2020 5952
​Room No:D017



Research Interests:
• Literacy
• Music Education
• Outdoor Learning
• Primary Education
• Storytelling


Peer-refereed Journals:

Adams, D. and Beauchamp, G. (in press) ‘Portals between worlds: A study of the experiences of seven groups of children aged 7-11 years from six different primary schools in Wales making music outdoors.’   Research Studies in Music Education.

Reynolds, F. and Adams, D. (2014). Sound and Performance in Public Archaeology: Examining the Benefits of Outdoor Learning with Creative Engagement at the Neolithic Site of Tinkinswood Burial Chamber, Vale of Glamorgan. Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture. Volume 7, Issue 1, 2014.

Professional / Non-refereed Publications:

Adams, D. and Brassil, K. 2013. The Out of Doors Museum: Being Creative At Prehistoric Monuments. Museum Education Monitor. July 2013 Issue.

Adams, D. 2008. Play to learn. Teaching Wales. Edition 16. Spring 2008. Available at: http://www.gtcw.org.uk/gtcw/images/stories/downloads/newsletters/Journal_16.pdf  [Accessed 10 May 2014]

Adams, D. 2007. Can music be used to enhance learning in the classroom? Cardiff School of Education Research Papers. ​

Conference Papers:

Adams, D. 2011. Music-Making at Prehistoric Sites Helping to Understand Present Intuition of Music. Leading Music Education International Conference. 1 June, 2011. University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Adams, D. 2010. Exploring the past through drama and music. History Teacher Education Network Conference. Newport University. 19 July, 2010.

Adams, D. 2010. Music-making: bringing sound into a silent past. The value of creative analogies in the Neolithic Symposium, University of Cardiff. 28 June, 2010.

Other Publications:

Adams, D. (2011) Myth and Melody. CAA. Aberystwyth University.

Rhys, E. Morgan, R. and Adams, D. (2010) TellyTales. CBEEBIES. BBC.

Rhys, E. Hunt, R. Day, N. and Adams, D. (2006) Rockpool Rap. BBC Network.

Rhys, E. Day, N. and Adams, D. (2004) Evacuees. Time and Tune. BBC Network.

Rhys, E. Day, N. and Adams, D. (2003) Peter Pan. Time and Tune. BBC Network.

Rhys, E. Day, N. and Adams, D. (2002) Alice@Wonderland.com Time and Tune. BBC Network.