Nutrition and Dietetics Courses

​​​​Our Nutrition and Dietetics courses are devised and delivered by professionals with genuine experience, skills and enthusiasm for the areas that they teach.    You’ll be taught clinical Dietetics by Registered Dietitians who have specialised in those areas; for example Diabetes is taught by a Dietitian who also works part-time in the NHS providing dietetic management of type 2 diabetes in primary care clinics.

You’ll be taught sports nutrition by Registered Sports Nutritionists with a wealth of experience working with elite teams and athletes.  Global Nutrition is brought to life by a Registered Dietitian who has previously worked in overseas development and has first hand experience of developing culturally appropriate nutrition interventions within a wider political context.  Similarly Public Health Nutrition is delivered by a Registered Nutritionist with experience of devising effective obesity management programmes in low income areas of South Wales.

We are known for providing high quality professional training and as such many of our staff are Fellows of the Higher Education Academy.  We have close links with practice and enjoy collaborating on applied research projects that have a direct impact on patient care and public health.





Core learning is delivered via Lectures in modern fully-equipped lecture theatres, supported by the virtual learning environment;

  • Tutorials and workshops take place in classrooms to facilitate discussions and working in small groups
  • The Consumer kitchen is used for food preparation practicals. View a virtual tour of Consumer Science Kitchen 1 and Consumer Science Kitchen 2.
  • Student Nutritionists use the Food Industry Centre Sensory Analysis Suite (Virtual Tour) in the development of new food products for industry. Recent briefs have included the development of a muffin which contains a portion of fruit, a new gluten-free tortilla, a reduced fat minced beef pie and a butternut squash soup which meets strict corporate healthy eating standards.
  • Student Dietitians take advantage of the new clinical simulation suite to become familiar with conducting dietetic consultations in a hospital setting prior to placement.
To view the full facilities available visit the Zero to Five Food Industry Centre (Virtual Tour)