Corrective Action Make it Work


Course Length: one day

Entry Requirements: No formal qualifications are required.

Course Content:
This one-day practical workshop provides an opportunity to examine how to implement effective corrective action in the work place.

Practical in nature with focus on application of procedures and systems. Course materials include a course handbook, useful for enabling practitioners to source further detailed information.

Course Objectives:

  • Definition of corrective action
  • The corrective action work process
  • Corrective action in relation to BRC Global Standard for food Safety Issue 5
  • Common problems with effective Corrective action – and the solutions!
  • Practical examples of corrective action 'Good & Bad'
  • Practical exercises

Course aimed at: Anyone involved in the corrective action process, and is suitable for those with some auditing and corrective action experience wishing to undertake focused update training

Programme Leader: Helen Taylor

How to enrol: To enrol please contact us at or 029 2041 6306