Food Allergy


Course Length: One day

Entry Requirements: No formal qualifications are required.

Course Content:

  • What is food allergy? Incidence of food allergy, what happens in an allergic reaction, why we develop food allergies and treating food allergy.
  • The main food allergens.
  • Sampling and testing.
  • Legislation and labelling.
  • Allergen policy and management.
  • Preventing cross contamination.
  • Review.

Course Objectives:
This course provides an introduction to food allergens and their management.

The course aims are:

  1. To develop an understanding of the relevance of allergy in the food manufacturing and handling industries.
  2. To understand current legislation related to allergens and labelling.
  3. To understand the application of factors that can reduce the risk of allergen contamination.

Other Information:
This short course does not include a practical element but will include brief explanations of some of the techniques used in allergen testing and detection. More detailed short courses can be arranged dependent on specific requirements.

Course aimed at:
Members of food technical teams, EHO, and those wanting to enhance their knowledge of allergen control and best practice

Programme Leader: Prof Arthur Tatham

How to enrol: To enrol please contact us at or 029 2041 6306