Food Microbiology


Course Length: One Day.

Entry Requirements: No formal qualifications are required.

Course Content:
Microbiology and hygiene are inextricably linked with the Food Industry. This module introduces the student to micro organisms, their nature and properties and how they relate to the environment and to food. The module aims are:

  1. To develop an understanding of the causes and types of food poisoning and spoilage
  2. To understand the application of factors to prevent food poisoning and minimise food spoilage

Course Objectives:

  • The classification and identification of micro-organisms. Their morphology,
  • structure and growth requirements
  • Growth curves and methods employed to control their growth and to destroy them
  • The composition and production of culture media, methods of inoculation and subculturing, enumeration and incubation
  • The role of micro-organisms in every-day life and in public health
  • The role of micro-organisms in food production, spoilage and food poisoning

Course aimed at:
The course is aimed at those individuals with some knowledge of microbiology

Other Courses that may be of interest:
Catering for Health, Corrective Action, Food Allergy, Food Law, Food Microbiology, HACCP, Practical Food Labelling, The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health Level 1 Foundation Certificate in HACCP, The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health Level 2 Award in Healthier Food and Special Diets, The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering, Weights and Measures.

Any additional Information
This short course does not include any practical element but will briefly explain the techniques used in a microbiology laboratory. A practical short course is available upon request, dependent upon student numbers.

How to enrol: To enrol please contact us at or 029 2041 6306