Africa Partnership Initiative


The aim of the Africa Partnership Initiative (API) is to facilitate a co-ordinated and effective approach to promote and support the development of the NHS and Public Health Links in Wales. 

The Cardiff School of Health Science has developed collaborative partnerships in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana and Cameroon through joint research activities in areas of environmental public health, staff exchange visits, community projects, training of community health workers, workshops and conferences. 

The API activities are in five main areas:

• Poverty Related Diseases.
 • Occupational / Industry Working Environment.
 • Strategic Alliance between Health and Environment- Libreville Declaration
 • Community Health.
 • Learning and Teaching.
API activities are co-ordinated by a multi- disciplinary steering group, whose members are:
• Prof. George Karani, Cardiff School of Health Sciences (CSHS), Chair
 • Dr. Keith Morris, Reader in Biomedical Science, CSHS
• Colin Powell, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Health, CSHS
 • Dr. Ara Kanekanian, Principal Lecturer in Food Science, CSHS
 • Gavin Cawood, Operations Director International Institute of Design Policy & Support and Design Wales