Department of Biomedical Sciences - Research Activities


The Department of Biomedical Sciences has a substantial research profile, with the majority of academic staff within the Department being research-active, and also active in numerous intramural and extramural collaborations (see individual staff profiles for details).

Our research activities focus on the cellular, molecular and pathophysiological mechanisms underpinning human ageing and disease development, and also the strategies, interventions and therapies that may be used in the treatment and/or prevention of disease. A particular aim is to translate scientific advances within microbiology, cell/molecular biology, physiology and other fields, with regard to their potential applications as strategies/interventions within the clinical context.

Major biomedical themes under investigation within the Department include the following:

Finally, an important additional objective of the Department is the training of PhD students and post-doctoral fellows, particularly with regard to equipping researchers with appropriate skills/tools for facilitating in-depth understanding of the molecular basis of normal physiology, of pathogenic mechanisms, and of novel methods for investigation and therapy.