Food and Nutrition Research



Food Safety

The Food Safety Research group has three interrelated components, all of which use a risk-based approach.

Consumer food safety behaviour and education

The world-leading research in this area concentrates on domestic and commercial (manufacturing, catering and retail) food handling behaviour and intervention strategies to reduce foodborne illness through poor food handling practices.

Food Safety Management systems

The research carried out has helped to determine the barriers to HACCP implementation and potential strategies to overcome these barriers. This area links closely with the Zero 2 Five activity with SME food manufacturers. Staff in this area are prominent in strategy and policy groups such as the Food and Agriculture Strategy Group for Wales, the SE Wales Strategy Group and the Welsh Food Advisory Committee (Food Standards Agency).

Decontamination and cleaning

The impact of the research in the food industry includes greater understanding of the issues related to cleaning and an enhanced approach to formulating cleaning strategies to meet the needs of the user. The application of risk assessment to cleaning processes enables manufacturers to contextualise cleaning with respect to HACCP and food safety.

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Nutrition & public health

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Food Allergies & Allergens

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