Dr Barry McDonnell

Job Title:            Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (Vascular Physiology)
Room No:          D2.04a
Telephone No:  + 44 (0) 29 2041 6871
Email Address:  bmcdonnell@cardiffmet.ac.uk



I am an active clinical research scientist in the area of cardiovascular physiology, which helps inform my teaching, design, development, delivery and evaluation of several taught programmes. These programmes include BSc Biomedical Science, BSc Healthcare Science, HNC Biomedical Science, HND Biomedical Science, BSc Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition, BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics, BSc Public Health Nutrition, BSc Complementary Therapy and Podiatry.
Specifically, I contribute teaching in the areas of: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Sports and Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, Drugs in Sport and Immunohaematology, 3rd Year Dissertation Research Project and Pathophysiology of Disease.


Dr McDonnell's main area of interest is cardiovascular health. He is currently involved in a number of ongoing cardiovascular research studies in collaboration with Cardiff University and University of Cambridge in the “Anglo-Cardiff Collaboration Trial”. His research investigates the role of vascular aging in different pathophysiologies (e.g. diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis and hypertension) and the importance of increased physical activity as a non-pharmacological intervention.

In recent years, Dr McDonnell’s research focus investigates the links between macrovascular haemodynamics and microvascular pulsatility, in collaboration with Australian School of Advanced Medicine, MacQuarie University, Sydney, Cardiff University and University of Cambridge.

Dr McDonnell has recently helped open the Health Assessment Suite in Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Department of Biomedical Sciences, in which his team undertakes the majority of their vascular physiology research.

Through the research facilities available in Cardiff Metropolitan University and the Health Assessment Suite, Dr McDonnell is also currently collaborating internally on a number of studies:
•  Investigating the relationship between ventricular function and large artery haemodynamics through ageing, hypertension and exercise (Professor Rob Shave and Dr Eric Stohr).
•  Cellular ageing and arterial stiffness (Professor Jorge Erusalimsky).
•  Community based exercise and vascular function (Dr Richard Webb).

Current research team:
•  Dr Maria Kearney (Post-Doctoral/Research Associate)
•  Dr James Coulson (Clinical/Physician Cover)
•  Mr Stuart Ennis (PhD Student)
•  Mr Mansour Alghamdi (PhD Student, from Jan 2015)
•  Miss Laura Watkeys (Research and Lab Co-ordinator)
•  Miss Niamh Chapman (Professional Training Year Student - Research)
•  Mr Michael Cummings (Professional Training Year Student - Research)


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Current external collaborators:
•  Professor John Cockcroft, Dr James Coulson and Margaret Munnery (Cardiff University), and Professor Ian Wilkinson, Dr Carmel McEniery, Dr Yasmin and Dr Maki Petaja (University of Cambridge) as part of the Anglo Cardiff Collaborative Trial.
•  Professor Alberto Avolio and Dr Mark Butlin (Australian School of Advanced Medicine, MacQuarie University, Sydney Australia).
•  Professor Damian Bailey (University of South Wales).
•  Dr Sigfried Wassteurer (Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna).
•  Dr Zaheer Yousef (Cardiff University).

Review Panel Committee member:
•  National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR), virtual grant review committee: chair and panel member.
•  Abstract review panel member for the International Society of Hypertension’s (ISH) “New Investigator Network”.

Journal Article Reviewer:
•  Artery Research
•  Journal of Applied Physiology
•  Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
•  Journal of Human Hypertension
•  American Journal of Hypertension
•  Medicine

Membership of Learned Society:
•  ARTERY Research
•  Wales CVIRG
•  Wales Physical Activity, Diabetes and Metabolic Health Research Group
•  Blood Pressure Wales
•  Wales Cardio-Respiratory Research Group
•  European Association into Study of Diabetes (EASD)
•  International Society of Hypertension (ISH)
•  American Society of Hypertension

Member of the Higher Education Academy