Liz (Millward) Hayes


Job Title: Programme Director - Foundation in​​ Social Sciences
Room No: D3.08
Telephone number: +44 (0)29 2041 6822
Email Address​



  • Programme Director Foundation in Social Science (0.6)
  • Senior Lecturer in Sociology, leading modules in all areas of sociology.
  • Outreach and Summer School modules


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  • Millward Hayes, L (2013) 2 years on – did the NIMBYs win (and what have we learned along the way)? Paper to Voluntary Sector Studies Conference, Sheffield, September 2013
  • Boswell, C and Millward Hayes, L (2013) Young People and ‘Sweat Equity’ Paper to Voluntary Sector Studies Conference, Sheffield, September 2013
  • Millward Hayes, L (2011) “Can’t we just tell them we don’t want it?” NIMBYism and the democratic deficit in Voluntary Sector Review Vol 2 no 3 (407 – 414)
    (An earlier version of this paper was presented to the Voluntary Sector Studies Conference in September 2010)
  • Millward, L, Kent J and Boswell, C (2006) Bringing it Home: putting citizens at the centre through housing related support, Cymorth Cymru
  • Millward, L (2005) Benefits not Barriers, new ways of attracting tenant participants paper to HSA conference, April 2005
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  • Greenwood, S & Millward, L (2000) Re-branding Local Government? Paper to HSA Conference, April 2000
  • Millward, L (2001) Life is challenging enough: Black tenants and tenant participation, paper to HSA conference, September, 2001
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Liz has been working as a lecturer and researcher since 1999, coming to Cardiff Met in 2004. This followed many years managing housing co-operatives. Liz has research interests in local activism and campaigning, especially around problems thought of as NIMBYism. She is working with colleagues to establish a Research Group in Intentional Communities – see our website here:

In summer 2015, this group organised a successful symposium, bringing together housing organisations, academics and people living in (or planning) various intentional communities – co-housing, eco-villages and even ‘hippy communes’.

Liz has been awarded a Teaching Fellowship and is a Fellow of the HEA.