The Team




Alison Kingdon -
MSc Administrator, Food Technology for Industry

Dr. Anita Setarehnejad​ - Lecturer

Professor Arthur Tatham - Food Science and Nutrition
Beth Rowlands​ -
Food Industry Centre Technologist
Darren Mumford -
Data and Configuration Co-ordinator
David Lloyd -
Food Industry Centre Director
David Owens -
Research Assistant- Weight & Waste Control
Dr. Elizabeth Redmond -
Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Ellen Evans​ -
Helen Taylor -
Operations and Technical Manager
Jamie Old-
Researcher- Top 50 Companies
Janet Holmes -
Food Industry Centre Technologist
Jessica Lacey-
Senior Food Industry Centre Technologist
Jordan Thomas​ -
Finance Assistant
Katie Pressdee-
Senior Food Industry Centre Technologist
Leanne Ellis-
Marketing and Communications Manager

Mandy Reed-  Business Operations Manager

Martin Sutherland-
Head of Business Marketing and Consultancy
Mike Cutler-          
KITE Finance Officer
Dr. Ruth Fairchild- Senior Lecturer
Sharon Mayho-
Systems Development Manager
Sharron Mills​ -
Marketing an​d Communications Officer
Simon Dawson-Lecturer

Dr. Vitti Allender-  Programme Director BSc Food Science & Technology

Wayne Thomas-
Centre Finance Manager
Zoe Berry-
Food Industry Centre Administrator