Food Processing Areas



The ground floor of the Centre houses four distinct food processing areas: low risk area, high risk area, baking centre and confectionery centre.

These allow food companies to undertake pilot scale production runs thus minimising losses incurred by up scaling new products directly to the factory floor.

The facility houses a range of processing equipment covering a variety of food processing sectors, e.g. ready meals, meat, fish, dairy (including milk, cheese and yoghurt production).

The baking and confectionery facilities are available for new product development, recipe re-formulation (particularly in relation to profit optimisation) baking technology training (bespoke training courses developed to industry needs) and pilot scale production trials.

The first floor of the building has been designed to be the ideal environment in which to develop trial products, investigate their suitability for market and objectively evaluate the sensory and physical properties employing scientific methods.

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