​Project Helix

A new £21 million programme to strengthen Wales’ food and drink sector is expected to safeguard thousands of jobs and deliver over £100 million for the Welsh economy.

Welsh Government’s Project HELIX provides funding support for research into global food production, trends and waste to help small to medium sized food manufacturers across Wales to increase production and reduce waste.

The Project is funded through the Rural Development Programme (RDP) and is expected to create 370 new jobs, primarily in rural Wales and the Valleys, while safeguarding a further 2,000 over the next five years.

The research will take into consideration new challenges and opportunities facing the industry as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.  The findings will provide Welsh producers with the best opportunity for growth and economic impact.

The Project was launched at Welsh Government’s TasteWales event March 23rd 2017 where over 100 Welsh producers showcased the very best of the Welsh food and drink industry to over 150 UK and international buyers.


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High Impact Business Cluster

​The High Impact Business Cluster has been launched as part of the Welsh Government's cluster development programme.

Selected SME CEO's, MD's and Welsh Government Food and Drink Industry Board members meet quarterly with the Welsh Food Centres (ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre, Cardiff and the Food Technology Centre, Llangefni) at various welsh locations as part of the "High Impact Cluster" group.


What are the benefits of joining the High Impact Business Cluster?

Food and Drink Businesses benefit from collaboration and from the support provided by the Food Centres and the Welsh Government. The collaboration takes a number of forms and includes: -

  • Sharing resources (e.g. equipment)
  • Joint sales initiatives (e.g. co-operation to enter a new export market)
  • Access to market insights (e.g. market research)
  • Access to cluster knowledge (e.g. Food Centre expertise)

To find out more about how the High Impact Business Cluster can benefit your business, please contact Martin Sutherland - Head of Business and Marketing Consultancy -   Tel: 029 2041 6228


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Click here for the Welsh version of our High Impact Business Cluster flyer.


Our Food Centre's resources of academics, food technologists and researchers focus on Welsh food and drink manufacturing company's waste problems associated to packaging, ingredients and supply chain carbon footprint. Therefore we evaluate existing processing systems and implement new ones whenever necessary which will help food and drink producers achieve their targets and at the same time improve the micro and macro environment.

We are delighted to be members of the Courtauld Commitment 2025 Agreement which brings together a range of organisations involved in the food and drink industry and aims to make the food and drink production and consumption more sustainable.