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Talgarth Bakery - Case Study


From its production facilities in Bridgend, Talgarth Bakery employs 100 people and produces a range of fresh and frozen bread, cakes and pastries which it supplies to retail and wholesale customers, across the UK. In 2017, Talgarth amalgamated the sales and manufacturing operations of Burts Biscuits and Cakes, a Bridgend based manufacturer of traditional British teatime cakes and novelty shortbread biscuits. This introduced export as a new sales channel, extending the company’s reach to Europe, Middle East and USA.

Talgarth Bakery approached ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre when the US Food and Drug Administration, under its Food Safety Modernisation Act, introduced the Foreign Supplier Verification Programme (FSVP). The FSVP requires all food importers to prove their products have not been adulterated, that allergens are correctly labelled and to screen their supply chain to ensure they have robust food safety plans in place.

Support from ZERO2FIVE

Talgarth Bakery received six days of support from ZERO2FIVE. The company’s documentation was reviewed both on site and remotely and a ZERO2FIVE technologist completed a gap analysis of the company’s current food safety systems against the requirements of the FSVP.

As a result, an action plan was developed and implemented to update the company’s systems, policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with the FSVP. A number of interventions took place to transfer knowledge and expertise to staff at Talgarth Bakery on both an individual and group basis.

Following the completion of the work, a ZERO2FIVE technologist carried out an on-site factory inspection and completed a comprehensive report to support the company’s evidence of compliance with the FSVP.

Benefits of the support

As a result of the support from ZERO2FIVE, the company successfully exported a range of ten products to the USA, safeguarding ten jobs in the company and delivering additional sales of £300,000.

With the knowledge gained from working with ZERO2FIVE, Talgarth Bakery were able to access a brand new market place and are now in a position to supply additional customers in the USA without further assistance.

Edward Burt, Managing Director of Talgarth

The efficient completion of this work was critical to the business being able to export ten products to the USA. Without the support, knowledge and expertise of the ZERO2FIVE Technical Team, we would not have been able to comply with the new FSVP requirements.”