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International Academic Advisory Service


The International Academic Advisers offer a specialist service which helps international students to develop their skills for academic success. Individual tutorials and classes for small groups are available on the following topics:

  • Adapting to university study in the UK

  • Reading complex academic texts

  • Planning and writing academic English for assignments

  • Avoiding English language errors

  • Critical thinking

  • Referencing sources and avoiding plagiarism

  • Preparing and delivering presentations

Regular English practice classes are organised during the term - everyone is welcome!


International Academic Advisors:
Louise Macphail
Njide Ezechi​
Osk Danielsdottir​​

Frequently asked questions

‘Please Can I have some support with my English language writing skills?’

‘I don’t know where to start with writing my assignment, could someone help me?’

‘Will there be someone to advise me on how to structure my essay?’

‘Is there guidance available on referencing?’

‘I need to demonstrate ‘critical analysis’ in my writing – please can someone teach me how to do this?’

The answer to all of these questions is YES!

Individual Writing Tutorials

The international academic advisers are here for essential guidance with your academic work. We are able to offer academic advice on a range of topics

Many students like to book an individual tutorial to meet with one of us at the international advice centre. We give guidance on structuring your work, organising your ideas and improving your use of the English language. Contact us to arrange a tutorial, and come either on your own or with a friend you are studying with. You may be doing really well in your studies and simply want to maximise your opportunities or you might feel that you need assistance in order to do better. Whatever your situation, come and see us. We will work with you whatever your level or current ability.

Academic Writing Seminars

We arrange term time seminars that you can attend in your spare time. We focus on teaching academic skills from an international student perspective with an emphasis on academic English.

You might be worried about understanding your lectures and speaking in seminars; critical reading and writing might be new skills that you need to develop.  We teach strategies that enable you to improve your academic style of writing; sharpen your sentence and paragraph structure and learn how to use literature in your writing. Book onto one or all of our academic writing seminars to learn all of the above and much more.

English Practice Classes

International academic advisers also run English practice classes, which take place regularly in term time. The aim of these classes is to give you the opportunity to practise your speaking, listening, reading and writing alongside other international students in a friendly and supportive environment.

You may have done very well in your English language assessments but still feel nervous about using English in your assignments and would like extra practise. The English practice classes could be just what you need. 

Contact us

Email: Telephone: 02920 416494