Study Skills Consultations



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Why should I book a consultation?

Book a consultation if you feel that you need some study support. We can help you with your English language and academic skills which we hope will be helpful for your programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University. We will help you to clarify the purpose and structure of your assignments and to improve the style and accuracy of your writing.

How do I make a booking?

You can book online, you can email or you can call in person to the International Office in room T0.13 at Llandaff campus. Our telephone number is 029 2041 6406/6407. Demand is high, so make sure that you book your appointment in advance as it may be difficult to provide an appointment at very short notice. Students may book only one appointment per week. Further appointments are made if the tutor recommends it.

Each consultation is 40 minutes long, so please do not be late or you will lose time from your consultation.  If for any reason you cannot attend you consultation, please remember to contact us so that we can cancel your booking and make the time available to other students.

What should I expect from a consultation?

One of the tutors will meet with you and discuss with you any concerns you might be having about your studies. Perhaps you are having difficulty writing an essay? In which case, the tutors will look at an example of your writing together with you and help you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your work.

We will then discuss with you some techniques and strategies to improve the standard of your writing. If required, workshops or further individual consultations will be recommended. 

Please note:  the tutors cannot always read your entire essay – it depends on the length, timeframe and the issues to be discussed. However you will always be offered some good practical advice which you can take forward and apply to the remainder of your work.

How can you help me improve my English language skills?

We will review an example of your written work and help you to identify any areas of grammar or style which need improvement. We will provide you with guidance and grammatical advice along with some practical exercises to consolidate your knowledge.

Do you offer a proofreading service?

It is not our role to proofread your entire assignment. Our aim is to look at a short sample of your writing in order to teach you some techniques and strategies which you should then apply to the rest of your assignments, to encourage independent editing skills.

What do I need to bring to a consultation?

Before they can help you, our tutors need to see your work. We can help much more if you bring a draft instead of a finished piece of writing. Drafts are much easier to revise and improve. Please noteYou must bring a printed copy of your assignment with you. We are unable to work on-screen, or to print out student assignments.

Please also bring:

  • A copy of your assignment question
  • A plan of your work
  • A draft of your work – 2 pages is enough to start a discussion