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Eramus+ and Brexit

Further Information

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UK Government 

The European Commission has confirmed that the UK will be able to benefit from the entire range of schemes financed through the Erasmus+ programme until the UK is no longer a member of the EU. 

The UK's continued participation in the Erasmus+ programme after the UK's exit from the EU will depend on the terms of an exit deal, if any. At the date of writing this, a deal has yet to be agreed and therefore the UK's continued participation in the Erasmus+ programme beyond Brexit currently remains unclear. 

This information is for students and staff who have been nominated to receive Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility funding and have not yet mobilised and those who are interested in applying for funding.

Arrangements related to the 2018 project for mobilities taking place in 2019/20:

If you have been nominated to receive funding but have not yet mobilised, don't worry. The UK Government have agreed to underwrite both outgoing and incoming mobilities if the UK is unable to agree to the withdrawal agreement and therefore leaves the EU without a deal -a 'no deal Brexit', whenever that may take place. The team are liaising with partner institutions to ensure that agreements are in place so that mobilities can continue without interruption. 

Arrangements related to the 2019 project for mobilities taking place in 2020/22:

We are continuing to prepare to launch the call for applications as normal for mobilities to take place in 2020/22 and details of the call will be circulated in the coming days. 

**Depending on the terms of any exit deal, if any, and other events which are beyond our control, there may be some changes to the call for applications and the opportunities that we are able to offer in the future.

If you have any queries or concerns then please contact our International Team on +442920417034 or