Events Calendar




14th-15th December, Kick Off Meeting; University Hassan II, Morocco


​27th-28th February, Dissemination Meeting; MUBS, Lebanon

13th-15th May, Scoping Workshop; Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

23rd-24th September, Short Courses Meeting; Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

27th-29th November, MOOC Meeting; University of Salamanca, Spain​


24th-26th February, Internationalisation Worksop, Association fof Arab Universities; (AArU), Jordan

3rd-5th March, Short Courses Meeting; Alexandria University, Egypt

24th-26th March, Short Courses Meeting; Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

2nd-4th April, Short Courses Meeting, University of Hassan II, Morocco

8th-11th April, MOOC Meeting, Suez Canal University, Egypt

9th-10th April, Steering Committee Meeting, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

15th April, submission of Project Intermediate Report, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

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