Santander Scholarships


Santander Scholarships available for Cardiff Met students and staff with Santander Universities

Spend time overseas at another university within the Santander Universities Network!​

Cardiff Metropolitan University joined the Santander U​niversities Global Division in July 2012. As a result, we have some excellent Santander Scholarships to offer our current students and staff.

There are two types of scholarships available: up to £2000 and £2000-5000, which cover travel, accommodation and subsistence. These are available to students at undergraduate, master, doctorate and post-doctorate levels of study and academic and administrative staff. For details on how to apply, see below.​ 

Calls for Application will be announced on this page. 

Where can you go?

Study, research, train or teach at one of over 1000 universities!​ The Santander Universities Network has so many countries to choose from! Please see full PDF list of universities here (including institution codes). 


What could you do?

The aims of the scholarship are to benefit your academic future, improve international cooperation and provide you with the opportunity to experience life at another university. 

As for activities, there is no definitive list of things you can do, this is up to YOU! You simply need to show in your application that the activity will be of academic benefit to your school or unit, and the activity must take place at one of the Santander Universities. With over 1000 universities participating, you will be sure to find something and somewhere that will really appeal to you!

We understand that the broad scope of these scholarships can be a bit daunting at first. Please don't worry - just get in touch with us and we will show you where to start and help you find your dream opportunity!

There are many different activities you could take part in but here are a few examples to give you some ideas: 

  • A summer school programme 
  • An international week ​
  • A short course
  • A period of research
  • Staff exchanges for training and development 
  • Teaching visits

… and so much more!  

 If applying to attend a short course, summer school or any activity that involves payment for registering, we recommend that you do not apply until the outcome of your scholarship application is known. Please supply details of how you would apply for your chosen activity in the application form instead of the proof of acceptance.

How do you apply for a Santander Scholarship?

The call is now closed. 

​​Upon receipt of the award, recipients will be invited for a one to one meeting with a Santander representative. Please note that details related to you and your project will be shared with Santander.


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Please email the Outward Mobility Team with any queries you may have: outwar​ 

*STUDENTS: Please ​note the scholarship cannot be used to contribute towards your studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Cardiff. Also, you must be registered as a Cardiff Met student at the time your activity takes place.