Stefaniya Davydenko

Stefaniya Davydenko

Stefaniya Davydenko


​​Ty​pe of outward mobility: 

Cardiff School of Management Short Term Mobility university field visit 

Host university: 

Renmin University in China 


'I was keen on experiencing Chinese culture, which was totally new for me and it became a good addition to my CV. My mobility helped me see the bigger picture of a world and think more globally, which had a great impact on my studies. It was beneficial to see the other ways students perform and to pick up some useful skills for my studying techniques.  

Personally I received a great opportunity to experience new culture and now I think I do Understand Chinese people more then before. In addition, I met many new interesting people with whom we are still in contact. My level of teamwork improved juristically, plus my communication skill has significant improvement. 

I would gladly undertake another mobility period abroad as it extremely impacted    on my life in academic and personal way. In addition, I believe that the more we  learn about others the more we acknowledge about ourselves. 

I would definitely recommended particular experience to my friends as it is a life time opportunity. Furthermore to encourage them I would show them my personal improvements in academic and private life, which magically happened to me after this trip.

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