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Alfred Bwomezi-
European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy
Amanda Lynch-
University of Ljubljana in Slovenia​​
Ariana Mihoc-
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA.
Alex Theophilus-
International Summer University in Frankfurt am Main in Germany
Chris Berry-
California State Long Beach University in USA
Dee Bolt-
European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy
Ellie Conniford-
Emma Holt-
Rajasthan, India
Esyllt George-
Barcelona School of Design and Engineering (ELISAVA) in Spain
Kelvin Lau-
Hong Kong​​
Bleddyn Lewis-
Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China​​
Hannah Roberts-
Scholarship to visit Bangor University in UK
Jack Rivers-
The University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji​​
Jacob Williams-
City Unity College in Greece
Jake Wedlake-
Varna University of Management in Bulgari
Matt George-
Cardiff Met inUK, and Howest – Bruges​ in Belgium
Paul Barrett-
University of Saint Joseph in Lebanon​
Rebecca Fea-
VIA University College in Horsens in Denmark
Shahla Khan-
Oxford University in UK
Jenna Farmer-
University of Valladolid in Spain​​​
Charlie Corsby-
University of Sao ​Paulo in Brazil
Stefaniya Davydenko-
VIA University College in Horsens in Denmark​
Guilia Teso-
Tsinghua University in Beijing​, China
Jon Nottingham  
Jon Nottingham -
UK Sport Project IDEALS, Cardiff Met Zambia Volunteering Project
Anna Fuzi  
Anita Fuzi​ -
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
​ ​​
James Green​ -
Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile
​ ​​​
Mabil Eustace  
Mabil Eustace​ -
Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico​
Liam Oates  
Liam Oates​ -
Harvard University and Brigham Hospital, USA.
​​ ​