Portfolio Development and Taster Workshops

Cardiff School of Art & Design presents a series of portfolio development and taster workshops as part of the International Summer School 2017. The workshops are tailored to provide practical and hands-on experience and will cover a range of art & design subject areas.

Each subject area workshop will be for 1 to 2 days and will offer an opportunity to learn, explore and share through a supportive, learning and creative environment. The two-week International Summer School at Cardiff School of Art & Design will provide an ideal and fun occasion to get a practical know-how and primary skills for a variety of art & design subject areas.

This course will include (click subject for more information):


The animation workshop will consist of an introduction to stop motion animation. You will be introduced to Dragonframe capture software and basic principles of stop motion animation using objects, plasticine and cut out techniques. The workshop will provide you with the opportunity to play with the medium and experiment with mixing techniques as you create your own animated sequences.  

Architectural Design and Technology

The architectural design and technology workshop will provide you with an opportunity to investigate the philosophy and techniques used to conserve historic buildings. You will make a site visit to a local heritage building (for example, St Fagan’s, Cardiff Castle or Insole Court etc.), which will then be followed by some hands-on experience working with traditional building materials. You will be introduced to a whole range of key concepts including building technology, sustainability, performance standards, and traditional materials. 


The Ceramics workshop will allow you to have the opportunity for an immersive experience in processes, practical and hands-on skills covering ceramics. The workshop will explore a range of hand forming techniques as well as an opportunity to use the potter’s wheel. The Ceramics workshop will in addition give insights into this exciting, creative and captivating subject area.

Fashion Design

The Fashion Design workshop will give you an opportunity to explore the potential of refashioning existing garments using innovative and creative manipulation techniques. The aim is to produce a design that echoes, on trend and contemporary, embracing sustainable fashion. Using a selection of white garments, you will explore the potential of fabric and form by creative and innovative manipulation of the garments to create a new garment. You will explore the silhouette... play with inside out... upside down... the textural landscape… the changing aesthetic and the interaction of the body enveloped by the rejuvenated garment design. Expose and celebrate the construction of the design details through the exploitation of a diversity of white garments creating the new. 

Graphic Communication

The Graphic Communication workshop will inspire you to explore the potential of the letterform in communicating messages and in expressing meaning. You will build, sketch, paint, design and play with typography in both 2D & 3D contexts. The workshop will provide an exciting journey of typographic discovery within a context of Graphic Communication.

Interior Design

This Interior Design workshop will allow you to explore and compose the interior elements of Object, Space and Experience. You will be given five miniature people (1:50 scale) and asked to create a Space / Place for each. Each Space / Place will be appropriately titled with regards to how that Space / Place makes you feel and professionally photographed for your portfolio.

Product Design/FabLab

The Product Design/FabLab workshop is focused on teaching you digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting, as well as the "Internet of things" which connects everyday objects to the internet. You will spend time in the FabLab Cardiff to explore a range of materials, skills and technologies. The FabLab is equipped with the latest in digital manufacturing technology and this workshop enables you to learn and use these innovations and latest equipment. The workshop is ideal for learning new making, technology and craft skills, from beginner through to advanced practitioner level. Whether you have a keen interest in craft and design, want to develop your skills for your business or because you are thinking about Further Education/Higher Education, this workshop allows you the hands-on practical opportunities to develop work and ideas that meets these needs. This Product Design workshop will take you on a creative, exploratory, journey where you will enjoy first class tutoring, engaging with traditional, and new technologies.

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Additional Information:

Academic Status: Non-credit b​earing
​​School: Cardiff School of Art and Design
Dates: 17th July - 28th July

Application Deadline: 19th June 2017
​​Venue: Llandaff Campus
English language requirement: None required, however please note that good working knoweldge of English is expected and that all classes will be taught through the medium of English.
Academic pre-requisites: ​Qualified to study at university. Please note the above sessions are aimed at all Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate level of study​. 
Fee: £1,500