Leading Edge Insights into Business, Leadership and Management


Cardiff School of Management’s sessions will give you insights into areas of knowledge critical to success as a leader and a manager. You will be introduced to areas such as finance, the digital economy, strategic marketing, project management, supply chain and logistics, production engineering management as well as have an opportunity to explore your own leadership preferences and strengths.

You will develop your capacity to see ‘the big picture’ – future leaders of high performing organisations must be able to place their roles within the context of the change occurring in the external environment – as well as appreciate the need for detailed planning.  A clear objective of these sessions is to equip participants with the ability to manage and lead within an environment that is constantly changing and in which the only certainty is uncertainty.

A variety of sessions will be taught during the two week international summer school:

Delivering Successful Projects

This session will explore what is meant by 'success' and how project management has moved on from simplistic models such as the 'iron triangle' of time, cost and scope to ones much more focused on stakeholder perspective and the delivery of long(er) term value and benefits. It will then explore what is meant by 'complexity' in projects and how it poses significant challenges to the accepted wisdom of how projects should be managed and how 'new' concepts of transformational leadership are helping project managers deliver successful projects in the face of increasing uncertainty.

Corporate Finance

This session is designed to explore the many types of Financial Markets and Institutions within modern economies and to consider the many risks they face on a day-to-day basis.

It will identify types of financial markets and institutions and discuss the differences between systematic and unsystematic risk. The session will introduce academic theories relating to this area of finance and introduce the concept of Beta and how a company’s Beta moves with global market trends.

The Impact of data and Computation

This session will explore the impact of data and computation on our world, from theoretical, scientific and engineering contributions through to large-scale socio-economic drivers for innovation. Everyone should have a data-driven and computational view of the world!

Digital Disruption

This session will further explore the drivers for digital disruption - both positive and negative - on all aspects of society, from education, business, transport, how we are entertained and how we interact.

Production Engineering Management

This session explores the concept of Production and Engineering systems within manufacturing industry and outlines the basic structure of various manufacturing layouts. The work will then focus upon the issues around the design and development of Lean Production Systems and will highlight the tools and techniques involved in developing a lean production environment.

Supply Chain Management

This session will involve the study and analysis of Supply Chain Systems. The work will follow on from the previous session on Production Engineering Management and will explore more closely the design and structure of Supply Chain Systems including issues around Supply Chain Uncertainty as well as how to manage issues around Supply Chain Bullwhip and demand management.

Strategic Marketing

Surfing the Blue Ocean- Blue Ocean Strategy looks at the difference between Red Oceans (low prices/low margins and high competition) and Blue Oceans (high margins and uncompetitive markets). The session will introduce tools to identify your Blue Ocean and create your Blue Ocean Strategy. 

Strategic Management - Innovation and invention

This session looks at two tool boxes for stimulating innovation and invention: TRIZ (Russian tool box based on 40 rules of innovation) and Biomimicry (based on Nature’s 3.2 billion years of R&D). The session will introduce how they can be used to make innovation quicker and better.

Leadership & Management - In Theory

This session explores the differences between leadership and management and introduces academic theories which attempt to explain these complex social phenomen​a and the individual human behaviours which underpin them.

​Leadership & Management -In Practice

This session gives participants the opportunity to explore their own leadership 'character' and introduces tools which enable leaders and managers to be more effective in the workplace. 

​A​dditional information:

Academic Status: Non-credit b​earing

School: Cardiff School of Management (CSM) 

Dates: 8th-19th August 2016

Venue: Llandaff Campus

English language requirement: None required, however please note that good working knoweldge of business English is expected and that all classes will be taught through the medium of English.

Academic pre-requisites: ​Qualified to study at university. Please note that the CSM modules are aimed at third year undergraduate students and those already studying at Master level. 

Fee: £1250