Professional Development and Language Skills



​​Overview of Department

The Department for Professional Development and Language Studies was created in October 2014 to strengthen Cardiff School of Management's (CSM) focus on four key areas:

  • The Personal Tutoring Unit
  • The Work Placement Team
  • Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies
  • The Foundation Programme

The Department provides these services to all programmes in the Cardiff School of Management and with the increasing demand for support for students, the development of services to increase employability and the internationalisation agenda in HE, the team is rapidly expanding to ensure that CSM students receive the best experience possible whilst they are with us.​

The Personal Tutoring Unit

The Personal Tutoring Unit at Cardiff School of Management (CSM) is here to help you get the most out of your time here with us. You can come and see us whenever you like and for almost any reason! We are based opposite reception on the ground floor of the Cardiff School of Management building in O0.16.


We are here to:

help you settle in

help you understand what is required from you at university

help you with understanding your assignments

help you develop academic skills

talk to you about any concerns you have

help you access student services if you need them


Most CSM students use personal tutoring and really like the service. Here's what they have said:

'They have helped me so much with my work, really encouraged me in my assignments and also gave me guidance and advice with problems not related to my university work. They were concerned and REALLY HELPFUL!!!'

'The tutors are very friendly and helpful and they actually helped me to improve my situation'

'The personal tutor basically got me a job!'

'I've always found someone there when I needed them'

'It was helpful and the tutors gave good advice. The one on one setting made it more personal and the friendliness of the tutors was encouraging'

It was really good to be able to have help with reading through assignment briefs and making sure that time was managed well'

'The personal tutors are very helpful and ensured everything I asked for help with was sorted out quickly and efficiently'​

'I think it's brilliant that personal tutors can help you to tackle planning essays, exam techniques and getting more information on your chosen career'

You can pop in and see us to make an appointment or just email

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Work Placement Team

As a student at Cardiff School of Management (CSM), you will undertake a work placement as part of the degree programme. We believe that it is vital for you to have the opportunity to experience the world of work during your university career so we have built in professional development into the curriculum to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for your chosen career.

You work placement will usually take place during the 2nd year but you can take a whole year out on placement if you choose or do it over the summer. The team will help you find your placement through the extensive range of contacts they have built up over the years or you can find your own if you prefer but it must be approved by us.

If you want to have a chat to us about work placements just email or go to reception and ask to speak to Fiona, Lynne or Andrea. 

Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies

We live in a globalised world where knowing another language immediately gives you an advantage in the job market. At Cardiff School of Management (CSM) we want to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible so we have a dedicated language team that works with many students from many different programmes.

If you study International Business Management, you will have the opportunity to develop your Mandarin Chinese, French and/or Spanish language skills as part of your degree programme. If you are doing another degree programme at CSM that does not have a foreign language element, you could also study French, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese if there are places available in the classes.

As well as the language element, we teach students about intercultural diversity and how to manage this in a business context. Specialist modules prepare students to enter the international business arena along with the amazing opportunities already offered at the school through the rich diversity of students from all over the world who study here.

If you would like to know more about languages at CSM, please email

The Foundation Programme​

The Foundation Programme is one of the most popular programmes at Cardiff School of Management (CSM) with an intake of approximately 200 students a year. It provides students who have not quite got the points they needed to join the first year of their chosen degree programme an opportunity to join at year 0. Once a student has successfully completed this year, they are eligible to join any CSM undergraduate degree programme they choose.

The programme is made up of six 20 credit modules and delivered by a fantastic lecturing team. Students on the programme are also allocated their own personal tutor and supported whenever they need throughout the year.​

For more information, please contact