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Digital Marketing and Social Media: creating the future of your organisation, Thursday, 24th November 2016.

The 3rd CSM Business Club began with an illuminating lecture delivered by Professor Mark Goode, which set the scene for key speakers Shauna Guinn (Hangfire Smoke House BBQ) and Darius Krak (DM Carpet Clean), both alumni of Cardiff Met.  They run two very different but successful businesses in the local area and gave enlightening accounts of their first-hand experience of using social media for marketing purposes.

The evening had the audience engaged from the start, stimulating a myriad of senses and emotions, awe and humour, not to mention gastric juices at the images of amazing American BBQ. 

DM Carpet Clean and Hangfire Smoke House are as diverse in their digital marketing strategy as they are in their operations and this provided much 'food for thought' for the Q&A session from the panel and audience and the following round table facilitated discussions.  


Feedback from delegates included

"Reinforced the importance of passion and the 'human touch'"

"The case studies were excellent and highlighted the variety of social media strategies."

"Enjoyed listening to actual case studies and getting a real insight into their experiences."

"Enjoyed networking with Cardiff Met staff and other businesses."

"Learning more about how theory underpins practice."

"Enjoyed the group discussion."

"Fantastic, very impressed."