UK love for coffee bodes well for SA Brain & Co and its Coffee#1 chain - CEO

Scott Waddington Brains

SA Brain's coffee business is poised to become the fourth largest in the UK next year, the company CEO has revealed.

Scott Waddington said the Coffee#1 chain continued to expand, with new shops being actively sought across the UK.

"We currently have 64 shops from the original 14 we bought, and are currently ranked fifth in the UK. We will be the fourth biggest chain next year, and have people on the road permanently looking for new sites."

Earlier this month, SA Brain announced that turnover to September, 2015, grew 3 per cent to £127 million. The biggest success in the figures was its chain of Coffee#1 stores, whose turnover was 34 per cent up.

The coffee industry is now worth £3billion a year. But Scott said the potential for even further growth was significant.

"Coffee consumption in the UK is the lowest of any of the developed world, and far lower than the United States," he told The Forum at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

"We have – pardon the pun – just skimmed the surface."

The chief executive said the company is trying to anticipate future consumer habits, and he predicts a continuing fusion of alcohol and coffee establishments.

"Coffee#1 will be very careful about how it evolves. It has its own very strong personality and culture – and the Coffee#1 team is very protective of both.