Dr Alan White


​Senior Lecturer in Management

Department: T​ourism, Hospitality and Events Management
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6316
Email Address: awhite@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Alan has an honours degree in Geology. Having begun his career in teaching, he changed direction and subsequently gained considerable experience in the fields of NHS information and statistics where he worked for 5 years, and in the 3rd sector, where he managed an independent charitable trust for 15 years. He re-entered teaching as a senior lecturer in Management and Organisational Behaviour in 2001.

Alan has taken a very active interest in students from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has championed their participation in Higher Education and has contended strongly for widening access. His PhD thesis concerned the operation of power in social inclusion processes. His early research work focussed on gender inequality and this led him to a study of women's participation in senior roles in elite culinary arts and the use and abuse of power in social exclusion. He has conducted his research in a number of industry contexts including the hospitality and tourism industry in Wales and in the elite culinary arts sector in the UK.

Alan's main areas of interest include: competitive advantage, strategic management, change management, organisational behaviour, feminism, leadership and the use and abuse of power. He is pragmatic regarding the use of quantitative and qualitative methods in research.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

White A (2016) Modelling Power; Based on Women's Low Participation at Senior Levels in Elite Kitchens in the United Kingdom. Journal of Tourism Research and Hospitality 5:2. doi:10.4172/2324-8807.1000156   http://www.scitechnol.com/peer-review/modelling-power-based-on-womens-low-participation-at-senior-levels-in-elite-kitchens-in-the-united-kingdom-hbu3.php?article_id=5306

White A Jones E and James D (2005) 'There's a Nasty Smell in the Kitchen: Gender and Power in the Tourism Workplace in Wales', Tourism, Culture & Communication 6(1): 37-49. URL: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/233484875_There%27s_a_Nasty_Smell_in_the_Kitchen_Gender_and_Power_in_the_Tourism_Workplace_in_Wales

Research Reports:

White A Jones E and James D (2002) 'Gender Equality in the Tourism Workplace'. Report by Welsh School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management, UWIC; Commissioned by Tourism Training Forum for Wales and ESF funded.

Professional Journal Articles:

White A (1980) Waiting Lists: A step towards representation, clarification and solving of information problems. Hospital and Health Services Review: 76(8): pp. 270-274.

Conference papers:

White A (2016) 'Modelling Power; based on women's low participation at senior levels in elite kitchens', Proceedings of the Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME) Research, Learning and Teaching Annual Conference, pp. 132-149: Ulster University.

White A Jones E and James D (2004) 'Gender Equality in the Tourism Workplace in Wales', paper for the First Combined CHME Hospitality Research and CHME Learning and Teaching Conference, pp. 175-188. UWIC.


Doctorate - Developing a model for analysing operational powers that lead to low participation of women in elite kitchens. UWIC Cardiff - 2011.

MBA – Research focus: How does organisational strategy in trade unions affect the degree to which full-time officers support lay representatives? UWIC - 2000.

BSc (Hons) - Geology: Liverpool University – 1975.

PGCE - Adult Education and Training:  UWCN – 2001.

Postgraduate and Undergraduate Teaching

Undergraduate Level Four: 
Teaching Management, Theory and Practice
Postgraduate Level Seven:
Teaching Strategic Change Management

Undergraduate Level Six:
Teaching Strategic Management

Supervision of Enterprise Project students
Supervision of Dissertation students

Postgraduate Level Eight:
Supervision of PhD students
Completions: 1



WCTR – (Member of Welsh Centre for Tourism Research)

FHEA – (Fellow of the Higher Education Academy)

Panopto ReView Board – Senior Academic Member, engaged in promoting lecture 'capture' on video, a powerful tool in Learning and Teaching.