Professor Annette Pritchard


​Professor of Tourism, Director of Welsh Centre for Tourism Research

Department: Tourism, Hospitality and Events  
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2041 6487
Email Address:

I am a tourism specialist with a background in media studies and sociology. Born on Anglesey, I moved to Cardiff Metropolitan University after working at the Wales Tourist Board and the Sports Council for Wales during the late 1980s and 1990s. I studied sociology and international politics at Aberystwyth, before gaining a postgraduate diploma at Bangor and my MSc. (Econ) in media studies from Cardiff. I was awarded my Ph.D. from the Manchester Metropolitan University for my work on tourism, spatiality and representation.

These research interests have developed into a personal intellectual project that analyses the interplay between tourism, representation and identities and embraces issues of social justice. This research has found resonance with senior politicians, policy-makers and other stakeholders and I have undertaken a number of consultancy and advisory roles. In 2003 my research reputation was acknowledged with the award of a Readership, followed in 2008 by a chair in Critical Tourism Studies. 

I am Visiting Professor at the University of Languages and Communication Milan and a Member of the Executive Committee of the UK's Association of Tourism in Higher Education and I was a specialist advisor for the Business & Management Panel in the UK 2008 RAE. I am a resource editor for the Annals of Tourism Research, sit on the editorial boards of several other international journals and review and referee for a wide range of journals and grant-awarding bodies.​


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Other Scholarly Output

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