Dr Nasir Aminu

Lecturer in Economics and Finance​

Department: Accounting, Economics and Finance
Telephone No:  +44(0)29 2041 7177
Email: naminu@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Dr Aminu joined Cardiff School of Management at the beginning of 2015/16 session as a Lecturer in Economics and Finance. Since joining the University he has taught a variety of modules at undergraduate level. Prior to this he worked as a Teaching Associate at Cardiff Business School (CARBS). Dr Aminu recieved his PhD from Cardiff University.


His research focuses on business cycles, economic growth; how energy prices and money influence both cycles and growth.


CSM Working Paper (3/2016):  Aminu N - Evaluation of a DSGE model of Energy in the United Kingdom using stationary data.

CARBS Working paper (6/2015):   Aminu N - An estimation of DSGE model of Energy in the United Kingdom using indirect inference testing.

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