Mohamed Mostafa

Lecturer in Computer Science


I am currently working towards a professional doctorate in computer science , my main area of research is exploring affective computing and human computer interaction, I am interested in investigate the relation between personality/emotion in digital life, specially through social media.

I have previously working as Senior Software Engineer for different multinational organisation such as "EU Programs in Egypt, and American University in Cairo", also have been leading many software development projects , in my work as software engineer also as freelancer consultant.

I am currently freelancing consultant some projects in United States and also contributor in well-known CMS (Joomla!) board/community.

During my years of experience as software engineer I have used different programming languages to name a few : (PHP, JAVA, .NET, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Joomla, WordPress, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, Javascript and as database MySQL, MSSQL, Access)​​


Mostafa, M., Oatley, G. and Crick, .T. Digital ​Footprints: Envisaging and Analysing Online Behaviour. In Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour Convention ,2015.