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British Psychological Society accredits Cardiff Met programme delivered in Athens


​CUC staff together with BPS representatives in Athens​

​Cardiff ​Metropolitan University's partner institution, City Unity College, Athens (CUC), has been successful in becoming the first overseas institution at master's level to achieve accreditation from the British Psychological Society (BPS) for the MSc Health Psychology programme.

The accreditation event, which took place in Athens, Greece, consisted of a panel of visitors from the BPS meeting with staff and students from CUC as well as representatives from the Cardiff School of Health Sciences (CSHS), Academic Standards and Quality Unit and Partnership Office.

Professor Adrian Peters, Dean of CSHS stated: "I am delighted at this extremely positive outcome that follows a great deal of hard work by colleagues from both Athens and Cardiff for the benefit of students.  The BPS accreditation shows the quality of the programme in Athens and strength of our partnership with CUC. We look forward to developing the partnership further in the coming years."

The partnership, which began in 2013, has seen a strong collaboration develop between both institutions. Alongside the accreditation event, a number of students from CSHS were also present in Athens. This was part of an exchange supported by the Short Term Mobility Funding from the University's International Office. The funding programme has also facilitated the exchange of teaching staff between the two institutions.

Professor Mohamed Loutfi, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) added: "The accreditation by the BPS shows that our Transnational Education (TNE) partnerships continue to flourish, in terms of both academic quality and encouraging staff and student mobility between Cardiff Met and our TNE partners. Many congratulations to all colleagues at CUC and Cardiff Met who were involved in the successful accreditation."


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