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British manufacturer Odoni-Elwell works with Cardiff Met to design ‘Bike Cloud’



Odoni-Elwell the British manufacturer of eco-designed bike stands and storage equipment for public and commercial installations, has launched Bike Cloud, its latest cycle rack design.

Bike Cloud is the latest of a range of products to come out of Odoni-Elwell's Knowledge Transfer Partnerships collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Named after its cloud-like shape, Bike Cloud, has been designed to provide multiple, easily accessible locking points, enabling secure locking of both adult and children's bicycles.

Laser cut from mild steel and galvanised for corrosion protection, Bike Cloud has been ecologically designed with its base being a cut-out from its main body to minimise waste.

To further ensure durability and long life-in-service, Bike Cloud is available in a full range of colour powder coated finishes to meet clients' colour-scheme requirements.

Simon Nurse, General Manager of Odoni-Elwell, which provides bike storage and security solutions for public and private sector developments, as well as for domestic use, said:

"With Bike Cloud we wanted to create a playful, yet stylish design that transforms what can be often seen as a utilitarian object into a visually attractive statement piece.

Whilst offering more secure protection for bicycle parking it has also given us an opportunity to be creative and promote cycling as an alternative form of transportation."

Capable of securing two bikes per cloud, the unit has been designed by Stuart Clarke, Product Designer, Odoni-Elwell and KTP Associate.

Stuart Clarke said: "We felt that cycle parking solutions seen around city centres and outside our places of work are often functional, practical objects that don't exactly  enhance the visual appeal of our surroundings.

The Bike Cloud was inspired by our desire to challenge this and produce a fun and aesthetically pleasing bicycle rack. With more and more families enjoying cycling together in towns and cities, its ability to secure children's bikes as well as adults' was an important consideration for us."

Professor Steve Gill, Associate Dean (Research) of Cardiff School of Art and Design said:

"We work with numerous Knowledge Transfer Partnerships across the School of Art and Design. They are a fantastic way of allowing ideas to be shared effectively between UK businesses and academic institutions. Our work with Odoni-Elwell is a perfect example of how this combination of expertise can produce great things. The bike cloud puts a creative twist on a functional product and I'm confident that it will be a great success."

Odoni-Elwell manufacture cycle hubs, a range of bike parking equipment from racks, stands, shelters and large compounds and multi purpose steel buildings, which are  all designed and manufactured in the UK.