Cardiff Met hosts Seminar on Assisting Asylum Seekers and Refugee Children



Dr Nando Sigona from the University of Birminghamspeaking at the Seminar​

Cardiff Met has hosted an insightful seminar to address the best ways of supporting youngsters seeking refuge and asylum in the UK.

Young people provided first-hand accounts of their experiences as refugees in Wales at the Health Psychology Unit Seminar on Responding Effectively to Issues Faced by Asylum-seeking and Refugee Minors.

Dr Tina Alwyn, Reader in Health Psychology and Addiction and Dr Caroline Limbert, Programme Director MSc Health Psychology, were lead organisers of the seminar. Mike Wells and Nzube Okeke, two Psychology PhD students, whose projects are directly related to the issues faced by young refugees and migrants, , helped coordinate the event and also presented the findings of their research.

Experts from the University of Birmingham; University College London Institute of Education; Dost Centre for Young Refugees & Migrants; Cardiff's Trinity Centre; Migrant Help UK; Asylum Justice; Plethu, Refugees in Wales Mentoring Project at SOVA Cymru and Wales Strategic Migration Partnership,made presentations on the issues facing young asylum-seekers and refugees.

Topics discussed included migratory experiences of child street hawkers; law, policy and practice; global and national strategies to effectively respond to issues faced by asylum-seeking and refugee minors;  the needs of children and young people in their transition to adulthood and the educational needs, mental health and wellbeing of young people were also addressed

Ways of meeting psychosocial needs, immigration/asylum procedures and legal assistance, rights, detention, dispersal and destitution among asylum-seeking and refugee minors were also among the many issues discussed. It was stressed that interventions for ameliorating psychological distress and promoting the health and wellbeing of asylum-seeking and refugee minors should be sensitive to their religious and cultural orientations.