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Cardiff Local Becomes Published Author with Support from Cardiff Met



A Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy student has become a published author thanks to the support of the staff and University.

Dee Nicholls, who is from Riverside, Cardiff and is currently studying English and Creative Writing, has this year published two books following the support and encouragement of her lecturers and professors from her course.

The first book published, 'A Conversation with the Pixie', which is available on Amazon, is about the life of a girl with autism, told through the character's journals. The book is dedicated to Dee's daughter person, Noah, who has Asperger's Syndrome, and helped Dee apply for a place on the Cardiff Met course.

Speaking about her book, Dee said: "Publishing 'A Conversation with the Pixie' has been quite an overwhelming experience, but I am so thankful for the support I have received from both Cardiff Met and my daughter person, Noah. Everyone at the University has been a brilliant help and they have all made me feel proud of what I have achieved."

Dee has now published a second book, 'I Woke Up Early'. The book, which is also now available on Amazon, is about a Goddess who finds herself trapped on Earth and has to overcome adversity.

Dee continued: "Both books probably would have gone unpublished if it wasn't for the help of the University, most notably Dan Anthony, Dr Lucy Windridge and Dr Carmen Casaliggi who have all helped set this in motion. I am glad they encouraged me, as both books are ones that I am very proud of because the subject matter holds close to my heart and deal with themes very relevant right now."

Dr Carmen Casaliggi, Senior Lecturer in English at Cardiff Met, said: "I am extremely proud of Dee for publishing both of her fantastic books. This is a huge accomplishment for her and we are all delighted that we were able to support her through the entire process. She has shown great progress throughout the course and I am confident she will continue to thrive as an author. Cardiff Metropolitan is proud to support the creativity of our students both during their study and in their personal works and we look forward to seeing what other stories Dee has in store for the future!"

Studying Creative Writing at Cardiff Met forms part of the BA Humanities and Education Joint Honours programme within the Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy.

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