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Cardiff Met’s ‘Meal or No Meal’ challenge inspires families to create healthy dishes



​Cardiff Met's nutrition students in action at Techniquest.

​Teams of nutrition students from Cardiff Metropolitan University recently devised some innovative ways of promoting healthy eating which they piloted at Techniquest.

The 'Meal or No Meal' team devised a game based on the popular TV show which saw children identifying healthy and enjoyable dishes.

Digestion was bought to life when visitors pushed ping pong ball foods into a robot mouth, stirred a stomach full of food, sprinkled in enzymes, filtered out the nutrients in the intestines then finally pushed the leftover waste into a toy toilet to their great amusement.

Children were amazed to find out how much water they personally contained when they stood next to an impressive stack of filled water bottles.  Students then helped them think how they lose fluid every day and which foods and drinks they would choose to keep hydrated and feeling great.

"Techniquest welcomes the opportunities to inspire families with science.  Cardiff Met students made a great contribution on the day, bringing fresh ideas and energy to engage with our visitors in effective ways", said Amanda Meyrick, Head of Education at Techniquest.

"The students really enjoyed the applied nature of this assignment and loved being able to interact with the public. They showed real creativity in using everyday items such as toy trains, lego bricks, pretend cafes, fishing rods and plastic ducks, to convey key evidence based nutrition messages", said Hilary Wickett, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

"Visitors were encouraged to relate everything back to the foods they normally eat which research shows helps people apply healthy eating back at home."