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Cardiff Met 20Twenty student wins prestigious Worshipful Livery Company of Wales scholarship



​20Twenty graduate, Laura Davies.

​A graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University's 20Twenty Leadership Programme has been awarded a prestigious travel scholarship by The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales.

Laura Davies, who is the distiller of Penderyn Whisky was presented with the award at the 20Twenty Leadership Graduation event which was held at Cardiff Met this month.

The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales plays a leading role in promoting arts, science and technology through bursaries and grants with the aim of enabling students to further their personal and career prospects.

Laura applied for the £1000 travel scholarship in the hope of visiting Madeira to explore the famous wine trade and undertake some quality research to help further her personal career development and to develop the Penderyn business as a whole. 

The judges were impressed by Laura's application as it would benefit the business and enable her to gain more insight into the spirit quality management and maturation methods used by those within the Madeira wine industry.  The trip to Madeira will allow her to enhance her understanding of the challenges presented to small-scale premium wine and spirits producers.

Laura said "Embarking on the 20Twenty Leadership Programme and developing new skills has given me the confidence to apply for this award. This scholarship will allow me to broaden and enhance the business further. Visiting Madeira will also allow me to explore the methods used by producers to encourage tourism to their visitor centres. 

"Within our distillery we mature the whisky in wine casks from Madeira to create our signature-style Penderyn single malt. The trip will therefore allow me to visit several Madeira wineries in order to learn more about the Madeira production process, and the art and skills required within it; I can then transfer this knowledge back to the distillery. I hope that this will allow us to develop a strategic plan to encourage tourism to the Brecon Beacons, and Penderyn in particular".

Director of the 20Twenty Leadership, Professor Brian Morgan was delighted to hear about Laura's travel scholarship award.  He commented, "I am pleased to congratulate Laura, a graduate of our 20Twenty Leadership Programme, for being honored by the Welsh Livery Company and being recognised for her sterling work at the Penderyn Distillery."