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Cardiff Met Introduces Pioneering CORE Economics Teaching Framework



​Cardiff School of Management, on Llandaff campus.

Cardiff Met Economics students enrolling in September will benefit from Cardiff School of Management being the first Welsh University to introduce a reformed and up to date worldwide curriculum.

Marco Gundermann, Economics Field Group Chair and Programme Director of the University's Economics Suite of Programmes, has been one of the academics from universities across the world involved in recognising a need to change the way Economics is taught at degree level. He has been involved in the last two years' discussions to develop the curriculum and resulting ebook.

CSM's Economics programmes were rated the best in Wales by the Guardian and, as a subject area, Economics received a 95% satisfaction rate in the most recent National Student Survey.

The open-access, interactive ebook-based course is financed by the Institute for New Economic Thinking and is open to anyone interested in learning about the economy and economics and is a question-motivated way to learn the tools of economics.

Marco said: "The curriculum has been introduced as a result of the economic crisis and subsequent criticism of Economics education at universities. Student feedback was that they wanted to be more engaged with a more relevant curriculum.

"Up until now, it is more traditional universities like the University of Bristol and University College London that have been the first to adopt the programme.​

"At Cardiff Met, we have always been interested in new approaches to teaching, to ensure our courses are as up to date as possible. We therefore welcomed the development of CORE from the early stages as it is a significant step in that direction.

"There is a wealth of materials online and students are looking forward to not having to invest in text books. They can access materials at any time and on any device. They can use this to prepare for their classes. Active learning has become more appealing than sitting in a lecture theatre and we are excited to see how students respond."

For more information on the CORE curriculum, see www.core-econ.org