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Cardiff Met Lecturer Awarded National Teaching Fellowship with Cardiff Met Shortlisted for University-wide Award



Dr Joanne Hendy has been awarded a prestigious National Teaching Fellow by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) while Cardiff Metropolitan University is one of 15 UK universities shortlisted for the HEA's Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) Awards.

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS), funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils for England and Wales and the Department for the Economy (DfE), Northern Ireland, recognises and rewards individual excellence in learning and teaching.  Awards of  £5,000 are given in recognition of individual excellence and to support Fellows' professional development.

Dr Hendy is Principal Lecturer in Quality Enhancement at Cardiff Metropolitan University's Learning and Teaching Development Unit and Fellows are nominated by their institutions and submissions require evidence of three criteria: individual excellence, raising the profile of excellence and developing excellence.

The award recognises Dr Joanna Hendy's positive contributions to Higher Education over the course of her 16 year long career; both in her previous role at the University of Gloucestershire and since joining Cardiff Metropolitan University in January.

Joanna's passion for teaching, her pedagogy and research is nurtured by her desire to create stimulating and inclusive learning landscapes for all learners. At the heart of Joanna's practice is a belief in the potential of individual students and their capacity to bring about positive change in society.

Joanna previously held the position of Principal Lecturer for Student Experience/Sports Pedagogy in the School of Sport at the University of Gloucestershire, where she developed the field of Adapted Physical Activity and Disability Sport. While there, she also set up a range of placement opportunities for the students in disability sport, including the Gloucester Wheelchair Rugby club and No Limits, a disability sport club for young people in the local community. 

She has also supported the development of various courses for national sports organisations, including Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby and Riding for the Disabled

In 2016, Joanna received a University Teaching Fellow and is also a Lead Tutor for Sports Coach UK and EFDS, delivering courses on inclusion and inclusive PE.

Since joining Cardiff Met, Joanna has been responsible for leading projects that enhance learning and teaching and improve the general student experience across the university, and has already made a significant impact in her work.

Joanna has already worked with various staff across the university to enhance Induction at the University, working to deliver a student-centered experience and focusing on the active engagement of students in academic and social activities to effectively support their transition into Higher Education, including revamping the University's Personal Tutor Policy.

Dr Hendy said: "I am delighted and honored to have received this award as teaching is something I am very passionate about. I look forward to continuing to support staff in their development, providing mentoring and CPD sessions for staff on assessment and authentic learning; and I am excited to continue to enhance the student experience at Cardiff Metropolitan University, so all students have the opportunity to reach their potential.

really enjoy the consultancy work that I involved in and I would like to develop more community courses that raise awareness of disability and inclusive practice, so more people are able to access high quality sport and PE. Now that I have finished my PhD, I would also like to share my findings with a wider audience by publishing papers related to teacher identity and the lived experience of trainee teachers, and I also want to continue to enhance the student experience at Cardiff Metropolitan, so all students have the opportunity to reach their potential." 

Dean of Learning and Teaching, Claire Morgan, said: "I congratulate Joanna on receiving this award. As Principal Lecturer in Quality Enhancement, Joanna has motivated and inspired others with her genuine concern for student welfare and is able to influence meaningful change and successfully assist people in their personal development and we can now see the true effectiveness of her work at our institution. We are extremely proud that she has had her exceptional efforts formally recognised by this award."

Dr Hendy joins a succession of eight members of staff who have previously been awarded the prestigious Fellowship.

HEA Chief Executive, Professor Stephanie Marshall, added: "A National Teaching Fellowship is the most prestigious individual award for excellence in teaching in higher education. These awards represent a fantastic achievement by all 55 new NTFs. I am sure the whole sector joins me in applauding them in their success.

The new NTFs represent some of the very best teaching in higher education and I am sure they will inspire others as we share their innovative practice and ideas across the sector. The UK is justifiably proud of its higher education sector and its reputation is enhanced by the examples of excellent teaching highlighted by these awards."

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