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Cardiff Met - Powered by 100% Green Electricity



Cardiff Metropolitan University has committed to using 100% green electricity from October 2017 - generated entirely from renewable sources such as wind, photovoltaic and landfill and biomass gasses.

Neil Bradley, Energy and Environmental Engineer at Cardiff Met said: “We spend about £1 million a year on electricity, therefore I am delighted that we are able to take this hugely positive step forward.”

Cardiff Met recently achieved a ranking of 1st in Wales and 4th in the UK in the People and Planet League on the back of a solid foundation for sustainability across the university including a transparent strategy and a team dedicated to environmental improvements.

Neil Bradley added, “The procurement of green electricity is a significant step in developing our energy profile, but it is not a substitute for energy efficiency and ultimately our primary focus is to reduce building and occupant energy demand and our impact on the environment.

“Through projects such as LED lighting, a full Building Management System upgrade and boiler plant replacement we are delivering year-on-year savings that reinforce our commitment to be a leading low carbon University in Wales that staff, students and visitors can be proud of.”

Peter Standfast, Head of Procurement added: “Whilst reducing consumption remains the most effective counter to electricity cost increases, we decided the time was right to adopt a procurement strategy that embraced the growing availability of renewable energy sources.

We intend to keep pace with developments that put us in the best position to secure energy contracts that deliver supply security and value for money whilst demonstrating our support for renewable energy generation.”