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Cardiff Met Professor addresses military on leadership skills


Professor Brian Morgan addressing members
of the military on effective leadership

​Cardiff Met Professor Brian Morgan has addressed members of the military on effective leadership at a St David's Day event.

The Professor of Entrepreneurship addressed the differences between leadership, command and management in his seminar with Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of the Newport-based 104 Regiment Royal Artillery at Raglan Barracks.

In his presentation 'Effective Leadership: Leading Your Team and Managing Change', inspired and effective leadership were highlighted as key to performance improvements and organisational development.

Professor Morgan, who is also director of Cardiff School of Management's Creative Leadership and Enterprise Centre, raised questions on leadership being a pattern of behaviour that can be learned.

He also discussed the theory that within the military, command is the power, management the science, and leadership the art needed in order to get things done. Any single military situation will require a combination of all three traits, but both command and management are ineffective without good leadership.

The event was co-ordinated by the regiment's Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Frank Whiting, and attended by all ranks within the regiment including junior middle managers, who also valued and benefitted from Prof. Morgan's civil sector perspective of leadership.

Professor Morgan said: "It was a little challenging agreeing to speak on Leadership at an Away-Day for Officers. Trepidation was certainly the name of the game but the welcome from Lt. Col. Frank Whiting was very friendly and reassuring and the response of the participants to the 'action learning' environment we created for the morning's session was incredibly energetic.

"The event was also very insightful into the main issues surrounding the difference between leadership, management and rank. I certainly learned a lot and the feedback suggests that the Officers got a lot out of the day too!"

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Whiting said: "'Stimulating and thought provoking' was the general consensus of opinion on Professor Morgan's delivery of the workshop, which included interesting thought shower syndicate work.

"The day included comparing and contrasting Professor Morgan's leadership in business models with traditional military leadership and comparisons of his 20Twenty Leadership Programme with the Army's 2020 change programme were clearly evident throughout and assisted in bringing to life the principles of good leadership and the management of change programmes. We all later celebrated St David's Day with a traditional dinner hosted by the Regimental Sergeant Major in the Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess."