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Cardiff Met Sport Stars Shine at First Varsity Contest Against Bath



Cardiff Met Archers have made their mark at the first varsity contest again Bath University.

The university's star women shone with a 3-0 win in football and 36-5 lead in rugby. Both scores had a value of 5 varsity points, giving Cardiff Met an overall 10-0 lead early on.

The women's hockey team put on a firm fight, finally being defeated by 8-2 to a team who came 2nd in the league above them while the men's hockey players gained a varsity point for losing by less than half the opposition's score of 6-3. 

The biggest crowd of the day was for the Men's Rugby team, who were cheered on by the University's cheerleaders as well as a large crowd of supporters who traveled to Bath University's Sports Training Village. They very narrowly lost out with a 20-19 score line, while the men's football side drew 1-1.

Heading into the final fixture of the games, Cardiff Met's netballers had the Varsity title resting on their result with Bath leading by 18-15 in the overall Varsity round-up. Cardiff Met led throughout with strong support from the Met students in the stands but unfortunately saw the lead just slip away from them in the final quarter with the final score ending 51-49.

Ceri Dando, Athletics Union Officer at Cardiff said: "The event was excellently run by Bath in its inaugural year.  Thank you for the welcome and we look forward to hosting Varsity next year and continuing to grow the event with more sports and bigger rivalries."